Halloween Memories!

Hello there!

As it is Halloween tomorrow, one of my favourite days of the year, I thought I would share some of my memories from past Halloweens which may explain why I enjoy the day so much! Ok, here goes..

My favourite place to spend Halloween is actually at home with my family, watching scary films and answering the door to trick or treaters! A few years ago, we actually hired a hall nearby and put on our own Halloween party for family and friends and it was so fun, I just love planning things like parties! Other Halloweens have been spent at my aunties, my nans and pretty much anywhere else we can gather as a family, and sometimes we even have fireworks (which to be honest I’m terrified of but..). 

2 years ago, my Halloween was actually very different to how I usually spend it! It was actually the day I got to see my boyfriend after 6 weeks apart (our longest ever) and I got to visit the place where he was staying and have a proper look around for the first time! We then got to bring him back and, I can honestly say, this was my best Halloween ever! It made a day that I love even more special! We then spent the night with his family catching up with everyone and it was just such a good time, and such a good memory for me looking back!

Another (funny) memory I have is watching the conjuring on Halloween with my family a few years ago. We were all getting really scared and my grandad decided to come and knock on the window, much to our horror!! We were all too scared to look who it was and it was just hilariously embarrassing, oh dear!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. I know it’s a bit of a weird and personal one, but this Halloween is probably going to be a lot different from the others because I’m away from my family for the first time, so I thought it would make me feel better to remember all of the times I have had with them!

Thanks for reading, if you got this far! Lots of love,

H X 


The Perfect Halloween Night In


It’s nearly my favourite day of the year, it’s nearly Halloween! And, whilst I think I might be going out this Halloween, I have spent many years having a Halloween night in and, so, I’ve compiled a list of everything you need for The Perfect Halloween Night In.

Let’s Go…

  • A Good Halloween Film. Scary or not, Halloween brings many fab films to choose from, whether you’re into Jack The Ripper or the friendlier Halloweentown, a good movie is a must!
  • A Few Decorations. If you’re just staying in, I wouldn’t spend a lot. But I love to decorate my room with some cheap Halloween decorations from Poundland, it just adds to the Halloween feel!
  • A Pumpkin To Carve. You gotta carve a pumpkin! (Fun Fact: Last year at the age of 17 my boyfriend carved a pumpkin for the very first time, crazy!).
  • A Good Blanket. To either hide from the scary film or just get cosy under.
  • Some Halloween Themed Treats! Lots of brands such as Butterkist get into the Halloween spirit and bring out limited edition snacks for the holiday, take advantage!
  • And A Halloween Themed Outfit. Whether this is a simple white tee splashed with blood, a full on costume, a cool tee with a ironic quote, or even just a mask or some make up, you gotta get dressed up in some format!

As always,

Thanks for reading!


H x


Last Minute Halloween Costumes!


As Halloween is fast approaching, some of you may have still not sorted out your costume! Not to worry, Halloween costumes can be made quickly, cheaply and easily yet still look effective! Here are 5 ideas of a costume which you could easily DIY yet still look great!

1. A Witch

Ooooh the infamous go-to halloween costume! I have actually never been a witch for halloween, tried to steer clear of the norm, yet I don’t see any problem with being one! A witch is simple. All you need is a black/dark coloured dress and a hat, which can easily be purchased from Poundland! If you want to go a step further, Asda have the most adorable mini broom in at the moment for only £3! Adorable and easy to carry around with you if need be!

A witch may be a simple outfit, but it can give you a great opportunity to play around with your makeup! Now, I don’t mean the typical green face with warts, witch makeup could be anything, pretty or scary, and if you take some time to decide what you’re going to do, you could look amazing!

2. A Vampire

I actually was a vampire for Halloween when I was about 7 and, to be honest, the costume was hideous! But ever since my love for Twilight (don’t judge me) I’ve wanted to create a vampire look that I actually like! Again, dark clothing, skirts, tops, dresses, would probably work best for this look. I would also probably add a choker to make this look extra ‘scary’! Pale makeup, red lips, fluttery lashes and dark eyes (maybe even some red coloured contacts if you can wear that kind of thing) would be perfect for this look! And, I mean, you could always buy some cheap fangs if you reallllly wanted…

3. A Shadow

I actually saw this idea on Pinterest and I LOVE IT! Basically, all you need is a black morphe suit, which could be sourced from amazon, argos or many other places, and black clothing to go over the top. This is such a simple idea but it looks so creepy and effective, I’m definitely going to try this one year!

4. A Fairy

Who said Halloween costumes had to be scary? Here is your chance to soak yourself in glitter and wear cute pastel clothing!! A wand, a flower headband, some cool eye makeup and more could EASILY be added to make this look complete! Ooooh I’m excited already!

5. And, if all else fails, get that white t shirt out!!! 

An oversized white t shirt can do wonders and look incredibly effective! You can cut it, rip it, dirty it, cover it in blood (fake, obviously), crumple it, tie it, and even wear it as a dress (if it’s oversized!). The opportunities are endless! For maximum effect, team it with a scary mask, some face paint, some creepy make up or even a scary hairstyle!

As always, thanks for reading! I hope you like my suggestions, feel free to add your own in the comments!

I hope you all have an amazing Halloween,


H x













Top 10 Halloween Films

Hello there! So, as some of you may know, I like my films quite a lot! I also really love Halloween so, when it gets to Halloween every year there are certain films that I just have to watch! These are a mix of classics from when I was a kid and scary films that I love as an adult (I love horror films!) so here goes..

10. Double Double Toil and Trouble


Who didn’t love Mary-Kate and Ashley as a child? I haven’t watched this film since we got rid of our video player, so quite a few years ago now, but it always screams Halloween to me and it was my favourite as a child, so it had to make number 10 on the list!





9.The Addams Family

Another childhood classic! This film makes me so happy and it just really puts me in the Halloween mood!

8. The Conjuring

I actually watched this on Halloween a few years ago and infamously stopped answering the door to trick-or-treaters after that, it was so scary!!

7. The Purge

If this was a list of my favourite horror films, the Purge would be a lot higher up! However, whilst it is a horror, the purge isn’t really Halloweeny so I’ve left it at number 7!

6. Twitches

Ahhhh wasn’t Disney channel just the best around Halloween? I loved twitches as a kid, and definitely wouldn’t mind watching it again now!

5. Friday the 13th

I used to watch this every year near Halloween with my family (not that it’s really a family film!) and I just love it! I also love that it reminds me of sitting and watching it as a family.

4. Scary Movie

Now, I know a lot of people don’t like the parody that is Scary Movie, but I’ve always really liked it! Anyway, it’s good for those who want to watch a comedic, light hearted film that isn’t aimed at children on Halloween!

3. Edward Scissorhands

Can this be defined as a Halloween film? Probably not, but I don’t care! I love this film neverthless and it’s spooky so why not!

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

(And this IS a Halloween film because Tim Burton said so!)

Singing, dancing, animation, a hint of Christmas and no scare factor, The Nightmare Before Christmas is the perfect Halloween film to watch as a family, or throughout the day before you get scared!

1. Halloweentown!


I would watch this (and the rest of the franchise) over and over and over again throughout September and October, I just loved it so much! And it is still my favourite Halloween film of all, even as an adult!