Date Jar Review

Okay, so me and my boyfriend decided a few months ago to create a ‘Date Jar’. This is a Jar full of date ideas written on little sticks for when we lack in inspiration as to what to do on our days off/ at the weekend! This was one of those ideas that I saw on Tumblr a few years ago and thought was super cute, so remembered and decided to try out to try and take decision-making away from myself and my boyfriend and to be a bit more free-spirited.

To make this jar a bit more realistic, we made up our own date ideas to suit our local area and the places accessible to us, and we also colour coded our ideas with a key that included categories such as ‘needs planning’, ‘bus dates’ and ‘train dates’ so we could tailor the dates to our budget at that exact time a bit more.

We had loads of fun making this jar and coming up with the ideas! We gathered supplies from our local Wilkinsons and this took us a couple of hours to come up with the ideas and make, but I really enjoyed the creation process!

But, to be honest, I haven’t found it to be very useful. I mean, I tried it once and picked out ‘London’ which we did actually do, and I had an amazing time, but it’s not really been that useful. I don’t know whether this is because we made the date ideas too obvious, so we think of them ourselves without having to use a jar, or because I’m just that much of a control freak that I have to decide what to do dependent on things like budget ect, but this really hasn’t been that helpful to us! Sad, but it’s ok, we had loads of fun creating this and maybe we will update the suggestions and find it useful, if not I gained a good afternoon and a pretty jar from this experience anyway!

Thanks for reading,

H x


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My Work Experience Experience- A Week In The World Of Publishing

If you follow me on Twitter, you may notice that I have been much less active than usual this week. This is because I have been on my Work Experience at a local (well 45 minute drive) publishing house! This publishers specialises in the publication of historical books and I have been specifically working with the promotion department.

As I know a lot of the people who read my blog have an interest in reading, and maybe even publishing, I have decided to write a small excerpt about each and every day, to keep memories for me about this experience and to tell you all exactly what the publishing industry is like! I’ve never done anything like this before so I’m unsure of how this post is actually going to tun out, but I’m also pretty excited about it! Ok, here goes..

Disclaimer: Some of these entries were written when I was really, really, really, really tired.


Ok, so it’s Monday, I’m excited, I’m nervous but I think I should be okay! The lady who is supervising me was lovely when I met her at my initial interview so I’m not too worried. The day should usually start at 9 but today they’ve asked me to come in for 9.30, so I got an extra half an hour in bed! Ok I’m going in now, fingers crossed for me!

Wow what an exhausting day! So many of my family and friends told me not to be expecting to be doing too much as it’s only experience yet I’m shattered! Today my main job was very much an admin one, I had to organise some authors mailing lists and print the envelopes. This doesn’t sound too difficult, but with 300 people on each list and a machine that fires out envelopes like their tennis balls (and was also probably made before I was born) the task grew in difficulty. But I really enjoyed it because I’m a weirdo who likes to organise things. 

I’m so tired now though and I can’t wait to get into bed…


Ok so Tuesday morning I feel poo but I’m still positive, I just hope today’s work isn’t as brain tiring as yesterday’s!

The day’s over now, it’s after 5pm and I can’t wait to go to sleep! Today’s work was a lot more creative because I got to design and make the leaflets to go in the envelopes I printed yesterday! Once they were all done, I compiled a list of all of the authors publishing books in October and November and their contact details. The afternoon was a bit slow but it was chilled out so I can’t complain!


I feel a lot more refreshed today, but that’s probably because I went to sleep at 9.30pm last night!

Today I worked on some more leaflets but I also got to do some actual writing (yay). I wrote an email to send to local newspapers about an upcoming book, a review of a book and a newspaper article example about the book. I loved today and I’m so glad I actually got to write something, and we all know I love a good old review!


Thursday was very much a finishing everything off day!

Still enjoyed it but the day went much slower! And I had to scan in lots of contracts with authors which was so boring..

Oh well, one day more!


Although I have really enjoyed this experience, I’m so glad it’s nearly over. I’m exhausted! Friday again was finishing off and scanning contracts, yay. I then printed all the work I’ve done this week off and I now have a lovely portfolio, which I’m sure will come in handy in the future! And I got to finish early, so all is good!
Overall, I did really enjoy this experience! I’m exhausted, but I did enjoy it. I nearly cancelled my work experience so many times because I just wasn’t sure if I could do it, but I’m so glad I pushed myself to do it and completed it! I did enjoy it, but I don’t think I’d like a career in the marketing department, I much prefer the little bit of editing I did!
As always,

Thanks for reading!

H x

The Good Girl Book Review

Hi, so if you read my Summer Reading List 2016, you will know that I have recently been reading a book entitled ‘The Good Girl’ by Fiona Neill. As a small side note, I’d like to say that I purchased this book from my local Asda store which had an offer on so that you et 2 books for £7! This book alone should be £7.99 so this offer is really amazing and I suggest anyone wishing to expand their book collection should check it out (I do believe they un similar promotions at Tesco and Sainsburys also).


Ok, this post will contain no spoilers. It is an honest review, all opinions are my own and I have not been paid or sponsored to write this post. 

Let’s go.

One thing I didn’t initially like about this book is the swapping of narratives chapter after chapter. Each chapter alternates between the third and first person and, at first, I found this really confusing as I didn’t understand who was actually speaking. I eventually got my head around this and did understand it, even if I had to keep going back to check who was talking every so often. However, I don’t think this narrative device particularly added to the plot! A third person narrative throughout would have been much easier to follow and would not have taken anything away from the story, but that’s just my own personal opinion.

Apart from that, I really enjoyed this book. There were constant twists and turns, which I appreciate because there is nothing worse than a predictable book, and it really captured me. I read this cover to cover in 2 days, which is pretty good for me, because I was so interested in the characters, which were so realistic it sometimes felt like I was reading a diary rather than a book!

I also really liked the character of Romy, the sort of kind of protagonist of the story and half narrator. She is similar to me in age so I found her very relatable, although maybe not everything she does, and I was just utterly consumed by her character, I think we would be good friends!


I mean, to be honest, this book was enjoyable, but it probably wasn’t strong enough or powerful enough to be life changing, it didn’t really teach me anything. But I still loved this book, and it felt like the perfect guilty pleasure read to get me back into reading.

Overall, I’d give this book 4/5 stars. It is a solid guilt pleasure/holiday/summer read for me and I did enjoy it, although it probably won’t be making it into my Top Ten Favourite Books!

Thanks for reading,

H x

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Top 10 Festival Essentials

In recent years, festivals have become more and more popular amongst young adults (such as me!) yet I haven’t really come across a lot of advice for what to actually take to them. So I’ve compiled a top ten list to hopefully help others, as well as myself, remember the top ten items that I deem Festival Essentials.

As things often get ruined at festivals, a lot of the items I am taking this year are from Primark. I 100% advise shopping in Primark for festival items because they have some really cute items in which are low cost, so you don’t mind them getting ruined or potentially stolen as much!

1. Water

Sounds stupid, but as humans we need to stay hydrated and water is key to that. Whilst you may be under some illusion that all you’re going to drink all weekend is alcohol, you may forget how much you take advantage of the easiness of drinking water at home and forget to pack a few bottles! Although you will, for sure, be able to buy water once you get there is you genuinely do forget, or run out, but I have heard that some festivals like to charge as much as £7 a bottle! And that really is extortionate for such an essential item!

2. Comfy Shoes

Although many brands, such as Boohoo, like to make ‘festival fashion’ an annual category on their website, festivals are not fashion contests. Sure, it would be nice to look nice, but don’t waste those killer shoes that you absolutely love on the mud and dirt of a festival, comfort is key.

 These ones are from Primark and cost me under £10. I love how they’re cropped, the full length ones look weird on my short legs, and they do the job perfectly!

3. Paracetamol

After an amazing night fuelled with alcohol, the last thing you want is a hangover to kill the mood set for the next day! Grab some paracetamol before you go, you never know how much you may need it!

4. A small bag for carrying around essentials

This is the bag I have purchased for this year for V Festival. Although I did want to opt for a bum bag/fanny pack, I saw this adorable little backpack in Primark and was instantly sold! It’s from the YPD section, so is intended for younger girls, but I just found it too adorable to ignore and the straps are more than long enough for an adult. Best part? It was under £10!

Side Note: I would not advise carrying anything of value within such a backpack as backpacks tend to be a thieves dream as you cannot always feel and see what’s going on on your back! I am only intending to use my backpack for items with a low value such as sunglasses, water and suncream. My phone, money and ID card will all be safely on my person where they will be much safer.

5. A Raincoat

If you’re lucky enough to be attending a festival that isn’t in England, you may want to skip this item! Unfortunately for the rest of us, the weather in England is simply unpredictable, even in July and August, so a rain coat is definitely advised. Primark have some really cute ones that can even fold into a little bag. So so so handy for storing on the go and keeping you dry!

6. Suncream

As I said, the weather in England is unpredictable, and the last thing you want is sunburn so bad that it ruins the weekend! Take a small bottle of suncream as a precaution, you never know when you may need it!

7. Dry Shampoo

I don’t know about you, but the idea of sharing showers completely freaks me out! So a bottle of dry shampoo shall keep me content all weekend, and maybe some babywipes!

8. A Change Of Clothes

Again, English weather is unpredictable. The worst thing would be to be stuck in a jumper in short weather or stuck in shorts in jumper weather! Don’t take too much as you may have to carry your bags great distances, but don’t be certain on the weather either, it likes to change so be prepared!

9. A Portable Phone Charger!

Not that I agree you should spend all weekend on your phone, but sometimes phones are necessary for safety and peace of mind! Don’t let your phone die on day 1 and have your poor parents up for the next two days trying to contact you, or even worse, don’t let your phone die and then lose your friends, tents all look very similar!

10. Face Paint/ Glitter

And finally, a little bit more fun! No Festival is complete without some crazy Neon Body Paint or a very glittery face… They’re definitely essential!

Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate it!

You can find me on Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat @LifeThroughTSG, I appreciate any feedback!

I hope anyone who is attending a festival this year has found this helpful. Have fun, stay safe and don’t get too drunk!

Love Always,



Depop Review!

Hi there!

So, if you didn’t already know, depop is an app that allows you to sell and buy second hand, or even brand new, items of clothing/jewellery or anything else your heart may desire! I am currently using this app to (attempt to) sell some of my old clothes. Recently, I had a huge clothes clear out ready for university and, although I am nowhere near a hoarder, I do find letting clothes go rather sad, so it makes me feel so much better if I know they’re going to a new home to be loved! Plus, by selling these clothes on depop i am also generating a profit, so it’s a win-win situation. However, in this post I’m going to be giving my personal opinion on the depop app and whether it is really worth all of the hype!

First Impressions

Ok, so the main reason I decided to use depop is because I have seen so many people my age using it, and I thought it would suit the target audience of the clothes I am trying to sell much better than other sites, such as Ebay which tends to have a bit older buyers. I also find Ebay so bloody complicated whereas listing items on depop is so so so so so easy!!

The Process

Ok, so as I said above, listing an item on depop is super easy! You literally upload up to 4 photographs, which can be from your camera roll or can be taken by the camera provided on the app, and title your item. In order to attract as many buyers as possible, you must make your title as detailed as possible. For example, instead of just ‘red dress size 12’ I may list my item as ‘Red Bodycon Dress From Newlook Size 12. This item is brand new with tags and features gold stud detailing and a plunging neckline. Great for parties, holidays and events’. You then have to choose a category that it fits into, ‘womens, mens, makeup, jewellery’, and a sub category, ‘womens-dresses’. Then you choose a price, a size, the quantity of the items you are selling, and a delivery cost. That’s it! You are then given the option to share your item on your facebook, twitter, or other social media pages in order to promote what you are selling!

In terms of ease of use, I love love love depop. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s everything I was looking for in a selling app!

Selling Items

As much as I love the listing process of depop, it’s not so great for actually selling. I have listed over 50 items so far and sold 10, 7 of them because of me sharing my depop on my social media pages rather than because of the actual app itself. I currently have over 250 followers on the app and I’d say I get interest (a message asking questions about the items) about once a week. It’s not amazing, but it is still something. However, I do feel as though I may have sold items much more quickly on another application, such as Ebay!

In terms of the buyers themselves, many of them have been lovely. However, I have been messed around by a few buyers who have asked me to reserve them items for a week or so and then have never got back to me, which really upsets me especially when I have messaged them and they’ve continued to ignore me. But that is not the app’s fault, so that can hardly be a criticism of the app itself!

My main problem with depop is that it does charge you a small fee for selling an item through the app! I did not know this with the first item I sold, so I chose to sell it for £10 although it was brand new and worth much more for a quick sale, but actually ended up getting £8.25, £3.30 of which went on delivery! Had I been aware of this when I first listed the items, I would have maybe listed them for a little bit more!

Also, once you have sold an item of depop, the money takes a whole TWO WEEKS to be transferred into your ‘wallet’ from which you can pay out to your bank account. To me, two weeks seems very excessively long, so that is a bit of a pain in the bum!


Overall, I do love depop and do love attempting to sell my items on this app! But, ultimately, the charge for selling is very annoying and the two week wait to pay out seems a little bit ridiculous! I’d give this app a 3/5 star rating, it’s good but it’s maybe not the best if you’re looking to sell items quickly and cheaply!


Thank you so much for reading,

let me know if you love or hate depop in the comments!

Love H x


PS. If you want to follow me on depop, my username is hayleysnell98x


My Top Ten Life Experiences So Far

Although I’m only 18, it has recently occurred to me that I’m always wanting more! I’m forever writing wish lists and bucket lists, so this one is a bit different.
Here’s me looking back on and appreciating the past, with my top ten life experiences so far…

10. Starting My Blog
When I originally started my blog, I did so for my absolute own enjoyment and not to please others whatsoever. However, the feeling when I reached 1,200 page views really made me so incredibly happy. I genuinely love my blog, and hope anyone who reads it does too!

9. Seeing Lion King in Theatre
I am an absolute theatre geek so it is hard for me to choose just one theatre visit! However, without a doubt, The Lion King is my favourite production I have seen in the West End so far. The Lion King has it all, breath-taking costumes, the right amount of humour and tragedy, and, of course, that amazing score that I could genuinely listen to all day. If you’re thinking of visiting the West End any time soon, I would definitely recommend going to see The Lion King!

8. Disney Land (twice)
Although I realise this is a very cliche, uninteresting and materialistic experience to be on my top ten, some of my best memories with my family happened at Disney Land! And, whilst I can still make memories with each side of my family, I know they will never be together ever again so the memories where they were are so incredibly special to me.

7. Summer School at Durham University
So, just under a year ago, I attended a Summer School by Sutton Trust at The University of Durham. I’ll be honest, although the University is beautiful, I definitely decided it wasn’t for me. However, the friendships I made at this Summer School are still ongoing, a whole year later! Durham itself, as well as the University, is absolutely gorgeous and I would fully recommend the city to anyone looking for a small getaway this Summer, it really is beautiful. We also did lots of amazing things at this Summer School that I’ve never done before! We did Swing Dancing, which was so so so fun, and even had a silent disco, which I LOVED. I’m so glad I took this opportunity! 
You can find out more about Sutton Trust Summer Schools HERE

6. Prom
Alright, so I know this is so stereotypical and boring but I genuinely did not expect much at all from my Prom! I had a bit of a poo day to begin with, my spray tan had gone patchy on my face (of all places) but my make-up artist did an AMAZING job of filling it in and making it all even! Then, on the way to the photo place where everyone goes before Prom begins, my dress broke! The hook and eye just completely snapped so instead of being straight cut my Prom dress had a V back. But, as soon as I got there, I really loved Prom! Everyone was in such high-spirits and the atmosphere was so amazing! Before I actually went to Prom, I was dreading it, but I’m so glad i eventually decided to go! Honestly, I had such a good time and I would 100% urge anyone thinking of not going to GO, you won’t regret it!

5. Indoor Sky Diving
I really really loved this experience. My only wish would be that you could actually be in the wind-tunnelly thing with someone else! I went with my boyfriend and, whilst I loved it, I wish we could have been in there together instead of each on our own with an instructor. However, I’m sure there is probably some safety reason that we weren’t allowed so probably best to be safe and appreciate the experience anyway!
(We did this with the lovely people of

4. London 2015
Ok, so I have been to London a few times in my life, given that it’s the capital city of the country and all, but none have them have been particularly like this trip. This trip was completely random, and a surprise from my boyfriend for doing well in my AS exams. He didn’t tell me until a few days before, so I genuinely had no idea, and he also booked it pretty much impulsively and spontaneously. On this trip we saw Les Miserables in the theatre, which I have seen before and love so wanted to watch again, and stayed in a hostel. I was totally worried about staying in a hostel because I’ve never ever ever done that before! But, in the end, it ended up pretty much just like a cheap hotel! We had our own room and bathroom and the place was modern and clean, so I can’t see a problem. My main concern was the area we stayed in, Elephant and Circus, was a bit scary if you’re not from there and have no idea where to go! Although, obviously due to the low cost of the hostel, we didn’t have a TV in our room, we watched X Factor on our phones and films and other TV at the night time, there was free WIFI and we didn’t really want to wander around Elephant and Circus too much! But, as a whole, this trip was hands down one of the best experiences of my life! It was fun, light-hearted and really really relaxed, especially to say we were in London! We spent most of our time in Leicester Square, which is my favourite place in London, and also visited Covent Garden, my second favourite place! The trip was just so relaxed I can’t even put it into words, it definitely deserves the number 4 spot on My Top Ten Life Experiences!

3. Dancing
Okay, so this is a very generalistic experience. However, I have danced as part of a Dance School for the last 15 years of my life. I am due to leave soon to pursue new experiences and, although I am excited, I cannot ignore how much I am going to miss dancing! I have loved every single second of performing and I am so sad that I’m going to be giving it up very soon, but I am so grateful for the experience!
2. Ibiza 2014
This is BY FAR my favourite holiday I’ve ever been on! This was my second holiday with my boyfriend and we went with his side of the family. Ibiza is the prettiest place I’ve ever seen, particularly the older places like Ibiza Town, and the holiday as a whole was just so chilled out and relaxing. We also went to a hippy market, which I’ve never done before, and spontaneously booked to go and see Ed Sheeran and Ibiza Rocks whilst we were there! This is definitely one of the best experiences of my life and I’m so glad that I will have these memories and share them with my boyfriend for the rest of my life!
1. Falling in love
And this one doesn’t just mean with your significant other! Falling in love with whatever it may be; your job, your hobby, your friends, or even your partner. Falling in love with someone else has taught me how to love myself, and that really is the most important lesson of all.


Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review


Hey there!

So this week’s product that I shall be reviewing is a Kylie Jenner lipkit and a Kylie Jenner metals gloss thing (doesn’t really give an exact definition on the bottle!).

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in anyway. All opinions are my own. I bought these products purely for my own enjoyment and thought that they would be fun to review. 

Kourt K LipKit

First Impression


IMG_6758Ok, so out of the two, I was the most excited about this one! I have wanted this LipKit since it was released, it’s the one I’ve been the most drawn to out of the whole range and I was so excited to try this out! This comes with two products, a matte liquid lipstick and a lip liner. The bottle for the liquid lipstick is adorable, it’s glass which makes it feel more luxury and the decor is very fresh and modern. At first I may have been a little worried about the thickness of the lip liner, the nib looked very wide and I don’t have the biggest lips and am also not amazing at applying lip liner, so I was worried this would end up all over my face!

Whilst Applying

Whilst I was applying these to products, I found them both very easy to use. I was worried for no reason, the lip liner was actually much thinner than I was expecting, and felt creamy and smooth when applying.

In terms of the liquid lipstick, the colour and pigmentation is amazing- you only need a small amount of product for a great colour. It also smells great and doesn’t feel drying on the lips whatsoever.

After applying the Kourt K LipKit, I had definitely decided that this shade is maybe a bit more daring and pigmented than I expected, so it’s definitely going to be for going out at night and occasions.

Whilst Wearing

Ok, so I did find the lip liner to be quite drying on my lips after a while. However, this is common amongst most of the lip liners I have tried so I sort of expected this.

The liquid lipstick dried quickly and wasn’t crumbly whatsoever. It also had a good durability and seemed to stay-put for most of the day, without many top-ups!


Reign from the Metals Range

First Impressions

IMG_6756Ok, so this product was much more of an impulse buy. Again, it comes in a glass bottle so feels luxurious, has a cute design and smells amazing.

Whilst Applying

Whilst applying this product I found it very easy to apply- the brush is a great size- and found that I only needed a little product for a really dramatic effect.

Whilst Wearing

I love this colour. It is maybe not as metallic as I was expecting, but it is gorgeous in the light. It dries very quickly yet doesn’t feel like it’s drying up the lips, it actually feels quite moisturising. I felt like it actually made my lips look bigger- and that was without lip liner or the use of any other product! This product is very buildable- but I found this deep colour a bit too much for my pale skin tone, so I think I’ll stick to the thin layer that I liked.



Ok, so I have seen a lot of people do this online so tried to combine my two Kylie Jenner products. I found that these two products, in particular, compliment each other very well to produce a very daring look. However, I have decided that this maybe a bit too daring for me!


Overall Rating


I love both of these products and they are definitely the quality that I was expecting!

However, I had a massive problem with shipping these items to the UK! I had already paid $15 in delivery when I was sent a notice telling me I owed customs an additional £14.76 for my items! I thought that this would have been included in the delivery price so was totally unprepared for this, it was a big shock and I didn’t have the money! Had I known it would cost this much for the products to actually reach me, I may have opted for a much more local option, as there are so so so many dupes out for these products right now and, whilst they may not have the same lasting power, the much much much lower prices of these dupes outweighs the fact that you will have to reapply them more often!

Thank you so much for reading,

I would just like to say I am not specifically a beauty blogger so this post is all based on my own opinions and experiences, which are by no means that of a professional!

Love Always,


Gaining A New Sibling As An Adult

To be 100% completely honest, when my mother told me she was pregnant I thought she was crazy. I was 17, planning my next step to university and it had been 14 years since she last had and brought up a child! She was also getting older herself, and I just didn’t think she’d be able to handle it. I mean, I am technically old enough to have a child myself and my mother is still having them? The whole idea just seemed too crazy for me to even process at the time. Absolutely crazy.
And then there was the point that this child, who was my brother, would be in the same class and year at school as the babies of my friends! Although I seriously have no plans of having my own children just yet, it seems weird for me to be an older sister to a child whom is 17 years younger than me.
Don’t get me wrong, I was so excited to have a new little brother. I love children and babies, I love that they’re the new generation whom we must teach good. I love that they look up to us. And I love most of all the sheer joy they experience over the littlest of things. Children have no boundaries or worries and that really inspires me. But it also scared me a lot how much my new brother would look up to me. I’m not a child anymore, so mistakes aren’t as forgivable. I knew it was coming up to my exams and I had selfish, petty worries about being kept up late by a screaming child.
Now let me tell you, this did not happen.

So, even if you are a bit scared that you might be too old to be a new sibling to somebody, don’t fear it, embrace it!

My little brother is one of the happiest and most joyful babies I’ve ever met. He finds everything hilarious and, when I’ve had a stressful day, it is his smile that I look forward to seeing, because he is the only person I can make genuinely happy just by walking into a room. This kid absolutely means the world to me, and, rather than finding him annoying like I first thought, he also inspires me to be a better person.
And I’m so incredibly proud of my mother. Although the she’s had to re-learn so many things in new ways (who knew babies came with so many rules) she’s taken it hands on and really produced a delightful child. He’s content and happy and she really couldn’t have done much better than that.
So, even if you are a bit scared that you might be too old to be a sibling to somebody, don’t fear it, embrace it!
Being a big sister again is one of the most enlightening and inspiring processes I’ve ever been through,
I could not love my new little brother anymore.

Yankee Candle Review!

So the lovely ladies over at Yankee candle sent me some goodies recently. Their only instructions were that they wanted me to HONESTLY review them, I have capitalised honestly because this post is 100% my own opinion and I have not been asked to say anything other than to be honest, which is what I shall do!

Ok, let’s begin…


Yankee Candle Olive & Thyme


At a glance

I will be honest, I don’t like olives so I probably wouldn’t pick this up off of the shelf out of the array of fabulous products that Yankee sell. When I received the package this was the first one I unwrapped and I was a bit worried about having to review it, given that I really hate olives.


However, unlit this candle smells divine. I’ve found that, just because I don’t like the taste of olives, does not mean that I don’t appreciate the smell! Unlit, this candle smells really really fresh and light, very summery! The Thyme also compliments the olive smell perfectly, leaving a really fresh, and quite unique, scent!

In use

When lit, this candle still smells very beautiful. However, it is a very light and quite weak scent, so this small candle probably wouldn’t be enough to add a scent to an outdoors event, such as a garden party, you would probably need the large jar for that! But this scent is still undeniably gorgeous and perfect for adding a summery smell to your indoors!

Overall Rating


I wouldn’t choose this candle scent myself, but it is still gorgeous and adds the scent of summer to the home. 




Yankee Candle Summer Peach



At a glance

Ok, I was admittingly a lot more excited about this one. Although, again, I don’t like the taste of peaches, I have always LOVED the smell, so this candle is definitely one I’d pick off of the shelf! It is also pink in colour, which makes the product look and feel more summery for some reason and this candle just looks really adorable!


I actually smelt this candle through the packaging before I’d even opened it and I was very very excited! This candle smells absolutely divine! It is light, it is fresh, it is summery, it is sweet and it is exactly like peaches! Like, genuinely, I think this might be becoming my new favourite Yankee candle, I am obsessed with it!

In use 

When lit, this candle smells just as, if not even more, divine! This scent is just absolutely gorgeous and, to be completely honest, it’s quite hard to even put into words. This is quite a strong scent, so even the small jar size adds a lot of smell to your home. I just really love this candle, I don’t think I could possibly love it anymore! Definitely a new favourite!

Overall Rating


I would definitely choose this candle myself, the colour is pretty and isn’t an eyesore in the home, and the scent is just gorgeous. Wow.


So there you have it, my review of some of the newer Yankee products this summer!

I would like to thank Yankee, once again, for their generous samples and I hope you have loved reading this post and are inspired to buy these products and try them out for yourselves!

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