The Wedding Diaries: Bride Book!



Today’s instalment of #TheWeddingDiaries is all about a new app that I’ve discovered called BrideBook! This is not in anyway affiliated with BrideBook, I just wanted to write a post about the app because I absolutely love it.

Ok, so basically BrideBook is a wedding planner in your pocket. You input details such as your wedding date, location and budget. It then shows a countdown to your wedding day, so you know exactly how long you’ve got to go! Continue reading “The Wedding Diaries: Bride Book!”


The Wedding Diaries: The National Wedding Show at NEC Birmingham 2017!

Hello, hello, hellooooooooo!

So, if you follow my insta stories (which you totally should), you may know that recently Zack and I had the pleasure of attending The National Wedding Show at the NEC in Birmingham! The tickets for this were actually kindly gifted to them by my lovely blogger friend Abbey after she won them in a competition, and how could we say no to such an amazing offer?!

If I’m honest, we didn’t really know what to expect. As we are at the early stages of planning still, we haven’t even attended a wedding fayre yet, so I was worried initially that the wedding show might be a little overwhelming. But, we managed it and we had an amazing day! Continue reading “The Wedding Diaries: The National Wedding Show at NEC Birmingham 2017!”


The Wedding Diaries: Finding a Venue!

Hello and welcome to a BRAND NEW series!

So, as many of you may know, I am currently planning a wedding. Although we aren’t planning on marrying until 2020, we recently spent a few days having a look around possible venues, so it seemed appropriate to start my diary here!

We’re at the stage where we’ve written our guest list, and decided the city where we will marry. We’ve got a guest list of 75, with these 75 people spending the whole day with us! As we wanted to do a destination wedding, but in the UK, we have chosen bath. However, as this is almost 4 hours from our home, it seems unfair to invite people to just the night time, so we are inviting all 75 guests to the whole day!  As far as we’ve been told, 75 is a little more than the norm for day guests, but it is less than the norm for night guests so it all evens out!

As I said, we’ve settled on the city of Bath for our destination. We absolutely loved this city on our visit, as it’s so beautiful, but it’s also somewhere completely different where most of our guests will never have been before!

In terms of the venues, we viewed 3 reception venues and 1 ceremony venue.

Before seeing the ceremony venue, we were already pretty much sold as it’s basically everything we wanted, a little different and unique yet still beautiful and definitely us! But, when we were actually in there, we both had this giddy feeling and we were SO excited after our viewing! I don’t want to reveal the venue just yet as we haven’t got it secured, but let’s just say it’s very 1930s!

For the reception venues, we actually fell in love with the first one that we saw! It has beautiful high ceilings, and is the perfect amount of light and elegance that we wanted. In fact, whilst we were sat in the venue waiting for someone to show us around, our wedding song came on! We have never heard it actually played on the radio, or in any shop etc before so it seemed too good to be true!

Even though, let’s be honest, our mind was made up after our first venue visit, we decided to visit the other 2 we had appointments for anyway, just to have a look around and give us a little more idea, and to make sure that the one we loved is actually the best option for us!

The second venue wasn’t really what we were looking for. It was in the Cotswolds and would make the perfect venue for a winter wedding, but it didn’t really have the light and airy feel we were after for our May reception. Plus, when we told the events manager that we wanted to get married on a bank holiday weekend, the price sky rocketed from £6,000 to £25,000! Zack nearly dropped through the floor.

To be honest, the second venue left us feeling a little deflated. We were on such a high after the first, but the second fell short and the events manager was quite condescending when speaking with us.

This is something I wanted to touch upon actually. So, currently me and Zack are 19 and we are planning a wedding for 2020, when we will be 22. I know that to many people this may seem young, but we have been together for almost 6 years, so for us it feels like it’s happening at the right time. I am a student, currently, but I work hard to save my money. Zack always says I’m the best person he knows at saving, because I cannot justify spending lots of money wastefully, it’s just not me. Zack also has quite a good job for a 19 year old. Basically, what I am trying to say is that, between us, and with a little voluntary help from my parents, we can afford the wedding. In fact, we could afford it without any contributions from my parents. It annoys me a little bit when we are looking at these places as a few people we have met have been quite condescending. Now, I don’t know if this is because they think we cannot afford to get married at these places, or if it’s because of our age, but, frankly, it is really winding me up. Surely our custom is what they want, no matter our financial situation nor our age? I dont know, apparently not.

Anyway, the third place we went to look at weren’t expecting us. This was a little weird seen as I scheduled all of my appointments weeks in advance (I like to be organised!). Nevertheless, the concierge took it upon himself to show us around, and he was absolutely lovely. The third venue was beautiful, but it didn’t compare to the first for us so our decision was made.

The only issue is, I didn’t realise that so many places would require deposits so soon for a 2020 wedding! Everyone we know told us we were crazy for planning so far in advance, but these venues said that we were definitely planning at the right time! We’ve agreed to pay deposits at the end of September, but our date cannot be held for that long which is a little annoying. Oh well, as we do not have any reason for wanting a specific date, we don’t mind changing it as long as our ceremony and reception venues are both available!

I’ve probably rambled on enough about wedding planning, and you’re probably a little bored. I’ll stop now.

Thanks for reading!


H x


A Box For A Bride: Collaboration With The Wedding Box*

Hello, hello, hello!
I am so excited to share with you today’s post, as it’s all about the bridal box I recently received from The Wedding Box. The Wedding Box is an etsy store which sells boxes for lots of different members of the wedding party. From mother of the bride, to the bridesmaids, the mother of the groom, and even the hen do; not forgetting one for the bride herself! The ‘Bride-To-Be’ box is the one I shall be reviewing today, and The Wedding Box Co were lovely enough to send me this box at a discounted price, in exchange for this review!

Onto the box itself.

First thing’s first, there was a little issue with me receiving this box, in that even though it clearly was labelled ‘fragile’, the courier service did not handle with care, therefore much of the outside of the box, and the ‘Mrs Hindson’ message was also damaged. I alerted the company about this issue because, although I know it was no fault of theirs whatsoever, I felt I had to as I was opening the box on my Instagram story and it was very clearly damaged. However, the company were absolutely lovely about this, and even re-sent me the message framed! I was completely honoured by this gesture, as I did not hold this company liable for the damage whatsoever, and this kind gesture really made my day!

Inside the actual box, there is all of the things a bride requires for the stressful lead up to the big day. It contains:

  • A Face Mask
  • A Personalised Candle
  • A Wedding Themed DVD
  • A ‘Save The Date’ Plaque
  • A Pouch Of Confetti
  • A Bracelet
  • A Small Bottle Of Rose, Complete with cute straw!

I’m going to review each of these items individually, and then summarise with an overall review at the end, as I’d really like to give this box the detail it deserves!

I loved the idea of a face mask within the box, and I also love that this one is from superdrug, therefore is cruelty free and suitable for vegans. This means it really caters for everyone, which I appreciate! However, unfortunately, I could not use this specific item as it contains aloe vera. I maybe should’ve alerted the company of this allergy when I ordered, so place no blame on them for this, but this does mean I don’t have a first hand experience with this mask. My fiancé offered to be my guinea pig though, so tested out the mask for me and he really loved it!

The candle smells DIV-I-NEEEE. Like seriously, I wish I could buy these by the bucket load! Plus, it’s super cute and personalised which I also love. I almost didn’t want to burn it…

The wedding themed DVD is a genius addition to the box! From my understanding of how the boxes work, each box contains a different DVD which is wedding themed. The one in mine was ’27 Dresses’ which is one of my favourite rom-coms, and perfect for those de-stress, pamper evenings that we all need every now and then!
The ‘Save The Date’ plaque is my favourite item in the box! It’s just so pretty, and I cannot wait to write our date on this and hang it in the house!

I was really pleased that the pouch of confetti contains dried petals. I much prefer this style to the plastic/paper styles of confetti, and the one included in this box is really pretty!

And, oh my gosh, the bracelet is so adorable! I love the string style of the bracelet with the little heart charm, and I love wearing lots of bracelets in the summer time, so I know this one will be worn a lot! A cute little addition to this is the definition of ‘bride-to-be’ on which the bracelet is mounted, this is a really nice touch that I can really appreciate as a linguist.

And last, but certainly not least, is the little bottle of rose! Again, from what I understand, flavours etc vary box to box, but a small bottle of alcohol is included, complete with a cute pink striped straw! Rose is actually my favourite wine, so I am definitely looking forward to having a nice glass of this, in front of the TV watching ’27 Dresses’, with the candle burning.

Overall, I absolutely love this box! I think it is the perfect gift for a stressed out bride-to-be the week before the wedding, as it certainly encourages relaxation. There’s also some really lovely keep sakes such as the plaque and the bracelet, and I’m so glad I decided to collaborate with The Wedding Box on this post! This box is priced at £30, which I do not think is too bad considering the amount of thought and effort that clearly goes into each and every one. I’m already looking at the mother of the bride box, and the bridesmaids boxes for my big day! In fact, I’m secretly wishing that they bring out a ‘Groom-To-Be’ box as I just know that Z would love it!

Thank you for reading this post! Are you planning a wedding soon? What do you think of these boxes?


H x

Visit The Wedding Box’s store HERE. 


*Product sent at a discounted price in exchange for review.


A Wedding Planner’s Advice for Planning the Perfect Wedding

So, a bit of a different post today, but one I am so excited to share with you all! Recently I was contacted by the lovely James of who put me in touch with a wedding planner. The wedding planner, Elaine, agreed to do an interview for my blog answering questions on the ‘perfect wedding’. So, without further-a-do, let’s get on to the interview…

Key:       Me     Elaine

Hi there! Thank you so much for agreeing to work on this post with me. I’m beginning to plan my wedding at the end of the year so, if it’s ok with you, I would like to ask you a few questions about planning the ‘perfect wedding’.

First of all, could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Elaine Ryan and I am the Wedding Coordinator for Clayton Hotel Limerick for the last 5 years.

Perfect! Let’s get on with the questions..

Do you think there’s such thing as the ‘perfect’ wedding?

Perfection is hard to put into words however perfection is also seen from the eyes of the bride and groom you are working with and their idea of perfect if different to the next bride and groom too – we strive for perfection each and every time.

That’s great that all of your weddings are so personalised! When do you think is the best time of year for a wedding? Does the time of year matter?

The time of the year does not matter. In Ireland we can’t predict weather etc. Its what the couple wants. Spring and Winter we love with our twinkly city lights shining through our floor to ceiling windows.

That does sound amazing, I love twinkly lights! Do you prefer themed weddings or more relaxed ones?

This depends on the couples vision for their big day. We love a challenge!


Ooh that’s good to know! Do you think outdoor weddings are a good idea?

Abroad yes – in Ireland a little tricky and one must always have a bag up plan and a back up generator!


Yes, that is a good point! How many guests would you say is a good amount?

This is completely up to the happy couple – there is no such thing as a good amount, it’s  your day so have as many and as less as you want.


Fair enough! Finally, what are your 5 top tips for planning the perfect wedding?


  1. Delegation is key! Don’t be afraid as the bride or groom to assign people tasks
  2. Plan ahead and keep a schedule to keep you on track
  3. Remember, it will all fall into place so try not to stress
  4. Book Clayton Hotel Limerick J (haha!)
  5. Finally – remember to enjoy the lead up to your big day so that you can look back at the experience and smile


They’re all great points, and I’ll definitely keep them in mind when I start planning! Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview today, you’ve given me some brilliant answers!

That’s the end of today’s post. If you like the venue Elaine was describing, you can visit them HERE.

Thank you so much for reading, and let me know your idea of the ‘perfect wedding’ in the comments!


H x