Work hard? Work Smart! Brain Füd Review!* *INCLUDES DISCOUNT CODE*


I didn’t know what to call this post for a really long time. I wanted to be witty and original, but in all truth, I am just bloody shattered. Student life tends to get pretty intense around this time of year, and that, along with anxiety, has left me feeling worn out and drained. I’ve got work to do, but my brain simply cannot focus, and all I want to do is watch Call The Midwife.

Step forward Brain Füd.

Now, this was really funny actually. Brain Füd contacted me back in September about reviewing their products, and I was very excited! However, with everything that’s going on (as detailed above), I just completely forgot that I was supposed to be receiving these samples from them! They arrived when I was having a really bad day, and it made me feel like it was a sign! So yeah, they really lifted my spirits when they first arrived, now let’s get to the review…


Brain Füd claims to be ‘the smarter energy drink’. By this, it means that it’s like an energy drink, but without all the bad bits. The energy comes from a natural ingredient, Guarana, and everything else in the drink is a vitamin, mineral, fruit juice, or water. One bottle contains the equivalent caffeine to an Americano and there’s no artificial flavours or preservatives, and no sugar! PLUS, they’re suitable for vegans! Amazing.

The founder of Brain Füd, Philip, founded the company after struggling with chronic fatigue due to sickle cell. He wanted to create a natural boost, and a helping hand. How inspiring is that?! I’m definitely excited to see where this company goes in the future!

Brain Füd currently stock three flavours of their natural energy drink; Berry & Coconut, Citrus & Mint, and Pineapple & Ginger. They sent me all three to try in exchange for this review, which was absolutely lovely of them! Before I even tried them, I had to note that I loveeeee the design and artwork on the bottles! Plus, the citrus and mint flavour sounded right up my street…

Berry and Coconut


I tried this one first, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I’ll be honest, I did like it, but the flavour was a bit of a surprise as first as it’s nothing like I’ve ever tasted before. The berry and coconut flavours do compliment each other though, and it was very refreshing indeed! I also had a huge energy boost after I drank this (I was almost asleep before, yet I managed to stay awake for another 7ish hours after drinking).

Citrus and Mint


I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS ONE!! My favourite by far!! If you like mojitos, you will LOVE this flavour. Very refreshing and lovely, this could 100% become my new favourite drink.







Pineapple and Ginger

lFcd7rIaT2Gm6%wT3Xre9Q_thumb_f0bThis one is a nice flavour. The pineapple makes it sweet, and the ginger gives it a little kick! This flavour is perfect for those early mornings when you need an extra little boost. Also ginger is great for sore throats and getting over flu, so perfect for the winter months!






All in all, I really liked these drinks, and would 100% recommend them. Their flavours, whilst different, are refreshing and very different from each other! They also did give me an energy boost, and I really like that they’re much more natural than the sugary, caffeinated energy drinks that come to mind when you think of a typical energy drink. These would be perfect to be sold in the Student Union, and I would buy them for sure!


So, there we have it! Brain Füd drinks retail at £18 for 12, which isn’t bad, even for a struggling student (like me lol). But, they’ve also offered a discount of 25% for my readers until 1st December! To redeem it, just enter ‘LifeThroughTSG’ at the checkout HERE.

Thanks for reading!


H x


*Product sent in exchange for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.


My Goals At University: One Year On

Hello! I wrote a post about my goals for university a whole year ago now. And, as I’m just beginning my second year, I thought it would be fun to review my goals and set some new ones for the year ahead! So, without further ado, here are my goals from last year:

* Get a good degree in a subject I love. I feel like this is an obvious goal, but it is my main goal for my time at university and one I hope i truly do fulfil!

* I mean, this one is in progress!
* Make new friends, and different types of friends. I want friends I can go clubbing with, go to coffee shops with, chill with, study with and shop with. Whether these are the same friends or different groups, I really want to meet new people and gain life long friends!

* Definitely done this one! I don’t have many friends at uni, but I have good ones and that’s all that matters. Quality over quantity! 

* Join and stick to an interesting society, which will be a completely new experience.

* Yeah, I haven’t done this yet. Carrying this one over!
* Get a small job.

* I have done this! I have 2 jobs which i love 🙌🏻
* Be involved in the university in some way, whether it be in the union, in a society, in a mentoring scheme or anything else.

* I’ve got a job within this area and I love it! 
* Go on work placements to decide what I want to do in the future.

* This one is in progress too, although I think I may have decided what I want to do with my future!

As well as the goals that are still ongoing, my goals for this year are:

  • Keep up with the course reading and read around the subject. 
  • Meet new friends, preferably on my course. 
  • Do myself proud this year, and work as hard as I can!

Are you at university? What are your goals? Let me know in the comments!

H x 

University Update: The End Of First Year

So, I’ve officially finished the end of my first year of university. I’m no longer a fresher, and I’m a little scared for the future. I have blogged a few times about my experiences at university, particularly when I first went, so I thought it would only be right to update you on everything now that my first year is over!

All in all, I didn’t have a bad first year. Grades wise I’m very happy with what I managed to achieve, and I really enjoyed most of my modules and classes so that’s a positive. But this year has been hard, and I’m not going to sugar coat that.

I’ve really learnt a lot about myself this year. I’ve learnt a lot about mental illness, and a lot about my anxiety and how it can affect my body. I’ve experienced the worst my anxiety has ever been for prolonged periods of time, but I’ve come out of the other end and I feel stronger mentally now.

However, this crippling anxiety that I experienced towards the last few months of my first year did mean that I’ve missed out on things I wanted to attend. I’ve also distanced myself from the friends I first made, and that really makes me sad because I was so happy with my friends at the end of the first term.

To put it bluntly, my anxiety has been making me physically ill. This, combined with the stress of university has really taken it’s toll on me mentally and physically which is why I resulted in distancing myself from my friends a little. This is my own fault completely, but it is because when I’ve tried to explain my anxiety to friends in the past I’ve been ridiculed, so I tend not to mention it now.

I was very unhappy with where I lived in first year, especially towards the end. This made me feel unsafe and contributed to the anxiety I was already feeling, so I was at a real low.

The first year of university just really wasn’t what I expected it to be. However, I love my job, my course, and the people I’m living with in September, so here’s hoping for a much better second year!


H x

Anti-Bullying Week 2016!

Hello! A sneaky extra post for this week because it is anti bullying week. This is something that is so close to my heart and is so important to me.

If you know me, you may know that I had an experience with being bullied that lasted for a span of three years, from year 9 until year 11. To be honest, I don’t want this post to dwell too much on that, as I don’t like to, but I do want to speak out about it because it is something that is so important and often is just brushed off. 

For three years I hated myself. Everything about myself that they’d picked up on. My laugh, my figure, my smile for god sake, I still don’t smile in photos even today. There was even one painful instance where I tried to file my teeth down with a nail file because I was so ashamed. I cannot tell you how stupid and painful this was, but that’s what it got to. 

And it wasn’t just my appearance. It was my mind, my personality, my empathy. I am a massively empathetic, emotional and caring person and they made me ashamed of that. That is something I cannot believe even today. 

My main issue was the advice I was given. I told school time and time again and they brushed it off. One teacher even told me I was being ‘dramatic’. School made it even worse for me, they made me feel unworthy and alone and that is something I cannot forgive. It is not dramatic to be upset because your confidence is in shreds because of what some girls say to you, threaten you with and actually phsyically do to your home. I was scared to leave my home, I was scared to be at home. 

And so many people told me I needed to ‘rise above it’ and that ‘it wouldn’t always be this way’. I mean, this wasn’t awful advice, but it made me angrier, it made me feel like they didn’t believe me and they were not on my side and they were, they were trying to help me best they could. 

But I tell you what, I won. I came off better. I’m at university, studying my dream subjects for a career that I really want. I got good grades at school and never left, despite how much I wanted to. I’m happy, I’m healthy and best of all, I have my confidence back. I will never be the same person that I was before, but that’s ok, I’m stronger now and I know how to deal with people and, even ignore people. 

People told me it would get better, it wouldn’t last forever and that one day it wouldn’t matter to me, and I didn’t believe them. But I should have done. It does still matter to me, it matters to me that I know so many people will be crying over bullies right now, it matters to me that people commit suicide every day because of bullying. But those people do not matter to me anymore. 

 Honestly, all I can tell you is that it will get better, I promise you that from the bottom of my heart. Don’t give up, keep fighting even if it takes every little ounce of your strength, it will be worth it. Life is a beautiful, wonderful, precious gift that can also be dark and scary, but it always gets better. And one day you’ll look back on it all and, whilst you won’t be glad it happened, you will realise that you are stronger for it. You can do it, all you need is someone who believes in you and that’s me; I believe in you all. 

Anti bullying week runs from 14th-18th November 2016. If you’re being bullied, please speak up. Tell a parent, a friend, a teacher, a doctor, anyone you trust. Or, if you don’t have anyone you feel you can tell, call the helpline on 0808 800 2222. You can find out more information about anti bullying week and how to get involved and donate on the following webpages:

And, if you really cannot find anyone to confide in, remember I am always here for a chat!

I love you all so much,

Thank you for supporting me and being a big part in helping my confidence grow. 

H x 

What To Do When You Do Not Know What To Write

In case you haven’t guessed by the title, I am really stuck for what to write about right now. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to write about how to overcome not knowing what to write about, that way it helps me, creates content and maybe even helps you, whatever it is that you’re trying to write! Ok so here goes..

  • Look For Inspiration

Always my first port-of-call, whatever you’re trying to write, coursework, essays, assignments, blog posts, someone will have written something similar and put it on the internet. Browse and read and you’ll find yourself responding to what they said in your head. You may agree with what they said, it may make you angry and want to respond, but it WILL make you think of something, even if it just helps you to create a plan but not actually write anything.

  • Have a Cup Of Tea

Or any other relaxing beverage you may desire. Forgot about the work for a little while and just let your brain rest, you’ll find that afterwards you will feel so much better and ready to write!

  • Read Something

To focus on something else entirely. If you are really stuck, you need to refocus your mind in order to be able to proceed!

  • Go For A Walk

To relax, to clear your mind, to actually get out of your room, just take a walk.

  • Leave It Until Tomorrow

If you are, ultimately, really stuck, just leave it until tomorrow. Any writing is a creative process and you cannot force it without sounding like an ape churning out cliches, just leave it until tomorrow.

As always, thanks for reading!

Lots of Love,

H x

A Level Survival Cheat Sheet

Hey! So many of you already know that I have recently finished my A Levels. To be honest, it was an exhausting time of my life and I didn’t really enjoy it, but I did find ways to enjoy it. So, I’ve decided to compile these ways into a blog post, think of it as a ‘Cheat Sheet’.

Do every single bit of work your teachers give you

This sounds like a bore, but they give you the work for a reason. A Levels are rewarding only when you get as much as you can out of them, so that includes doing as much work as possible.

Have frequent breaks- especially on free days

But don’t try to constantly work and work and work, you will tire yourself out eventually!

But don’t spend too long on your breaks!

Little and often, 10 minutes break per hour is how I like to work, some like more, some like less.

Aim to do all compulsory work in your free periods

I used free periods to do all of my compulsory homework, coursework and anything else I was told I HAD to do. This meant any free time I had at home could be spent on extra revision or reading for the topics- which meant I didn’t spend too much time out of school doing work!

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

Don’t apply for a university who wants AAA if you’re getting DDD all year. You might do better in your real exams, but there’s always adjustment for that scenario, in the meantime you’re just putting additional pressure on yourself which you really really do not need!

Be realistic

My teachers were telling me that I should be revising for 4 hours per night. Realistically with dancing and working and chilling out, I knew this wasn’t possible for me! So I spent 4 hours on work 3 times a week, and this managed to work out really well for me!

Choose subjects you love!!!!!!!!!!!

This seems like a no-brainer, but it is honestly the most important. A Levels are a horrendous amount of work and even if you do the work, if you don’t love a subject it shows! I left my sixth form this year with A* A C, which I’m really proud of. But my C has lost me £1,000 at university (because it’s not a B) and, although I had many other problems with my psychology teacher which contributed to this grade massively, I also couldn’t get any higher than a C no matter how hard I worked because the subject just simply wasn’t for me!

Similarly, my A* was in English Language which last year I liked and got a B, but was told this year it would be unlikely I was even going to get an A because I wasn’t passionate. I found a passion for English Language and really really hoped it would gain me an A, and on results day I could not have been happier if I tried to learn that I got an A*! This is all simply from just doing extra work and, I’m not showing off here, but honestly getting an A* at A Level is incredibly difficult even with an A at AS, so the fact that I came from a B to an A* actually amazes me, I didn’t expect it whatsoever and didn’t even know it was possible!


And good luck!! Seriously, that common room coffee machine is gonna become your best friend.


H x