October Photo Diary!

So, seen as I love the autumn season so much, I’ve decided to compile a photo diary of some of my favourite snaps from October! 

I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for reading, and for reading all of my posts this month! Every single view has honestly meant so much to me 💛. 


H x


Hersonissos Photo Diary



If you follow me on, well basically any form of social media, you may know that I recently went on holiday to Hersonissos, which is in the Greek island of Crete! It was absolutely beautiful and, of course, we couldn’t resist photographing it, so here is a little Photo Diary from our time there!

I hope you enjoy!

H x


Cornwall Photo Diary

If you follow me on Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter you probably know that earlier this week me and Z took a little trip to Cornwall! We stayed in a hobbit hut, which I will be reviewing on here really soon, but we also took some pictures that I just love too much to not share! So, I thought I’d document them all here like a little diary! 

We found a little cove and spent a lovely day there! 

The Eden Project

Charlestown Harbour


And that’s all from me today!

Thank you for reading if you made it this far!


H x

December 2016 Photo Diary

Hi there! This is a type of post that I’ve never really done before, but if it’s well-received I may start doing it more often! So, this post is basically just going to be a diary of my favourite photos from December. I’m really looking forward to reminscing on the times I have had this month before the end of 2016. I hope you enjoy these photographs and I hope you’ve all had a lovely festive holiday!

Lots of love X