Blogmas 2017 Day 12: Cocktail Making With Friction Free Shaving!*


Hello, hello, hello!

If you follow me on social media, you will probably know that I recently spent the evening at the Alchemist in Birmingham with Friction Free Shaving, as well as some amazing bloggers. We had a lovely evening learning how to make cocktails, chatting and taking plenty of photos, so here’s a little rundown of the night, including a review of the goody bag given to us at the end!

The Venue

The setting was perfect for an intimate night. The small group of bloggers made the atmosphere really lovely, as you could chat to absolutely everyone, including the brand! The Alchemist was the perfect setting, and Caleb (our cocktail teacher for the evening) also made the experience very pleasant, even if many of us struggled to count to three when it comes to vodka- oops! Melissa and Amber (the FFS PR team) were so welcoming and friendly all night, and they were also open to giving pointers and answering any questions we had! It was really nice to go to such an intimate, personal event where everyone could get to know each other.

The Cocktails

Hmmmm… When Caleb made us cocktails, they were lovely. When I made them? Not so much! I didn’t actually realise how difficult cocktail making is, and I couldn’t imagine having to make so many of them in an evening- your hands get so cold! It was a really fun experience though, and everyone at the event had a little giggle!

My turn! Photos taken by the lovely Abbey!

Some of the cocktails changed colour, smoked, it was amazing- just like being in a real laboratory!

The Goody Bag

FFS were very generous in their goody bag indeed, as we each received a FFS gift box. These are currently on their website for £25, and would make the perfect Christmas gift! Inside we have a gorgeous, vegan razor (weighted for an easier shave) in either rose gold (Rose) or silver chrome (Silvia) as well as four blades, a blade cover and a little suction hook to hold your razor handle. Then we have three more products- two of which are brand new! The shave cream has been around for a while and has even won awards, and it smells absolutely beautiful! And the two new additions are the pre-shave scrub, and post-shave balm. This means that in one box you have eveeeerything you could possibly need for the perfect 3 step shaving process, and for only £25! All of these products are cruelty free, although the scrub and the balm are currently awaiting their official CF badge as they are BRAND NEW! This would be the perfect gift for someone else, or even for yourself, this Christmas.


I absolutely love the Rose razor from Friction Free Shaving, and have actually done a full review before which you can read HERE. However, I have not tried the shaving cream, scrub or balm, so I was very excited to give these a test!

I found that using all three products together left me feeling the smooooothest I ever have in my life.. like a dolphin! 🐬🐬🐬 I knew I would love the scrub, as love exfoliating, and I’ve always found that a good exfoliation pre-shaving makes my skin so much smoother and leads to less ingrowing hairs. The scent of this scrub is absolutely lovely, and it’s gentle enough to be used on your more delicate areas, such as under arms, whilst still exfoliating.


The shave cream was a dream (that rhymed, haha!). I have always wanted to use a shave cream, but due to my aloe vera allergy, I haven’t really found one that works. So, I often resort to conditioner, but this leaves me feeling greasy and not too great! This cream worked perfectly to add smoothness to my legs, as well as not leaving them feeling greasy, I am VERY impressed for sure!

And, last but not least in this three-step process, it’s the post shave balm! I. LOVE. THIS. PRODUCT. I hate moisturisers, there, I said it. I find them too heavy for my skin, and they never seem to fully absorb and leave me feeling sticky and icky. I was a little worried about this product for that exact reason, as although it is a lot thinner than your usual moisturiser, it seemed to apply in a similar manner. But, after around 30 seconds, I realised I had it completely wrong. This product soaked into my skin SO quickly, and didn’t leave that horrible sticky feeling at all! This is genuinely perfect for me, and now my legs smell amazing and are super smooth too! I’m not even joking, they were still smooth 24 hours later, I was amazed!


The only criticism I have for FFS is that they’re draining my bank balance, as I’m now for sure going to have to add the scrub, cream and balm to my subscription!

So there we have it! Thank you so much to FFS for inviting me to such a wonderful event, and for the lovely goody bag! If you’d like to get your very own FFS gift box, you can do HERE. You can also get 25% off of your first month’s subscription with code ‘J2FCO7’ or by clicking HERE!**


Thank you for reading!


H x

Group Photo
Photo taken by Melissa Keen from FFS

*This post is in exchange for these products and this amazing event.

**Affiliate Code/Link

For more information, please see my disclaimer.


Blogmas 2017 Day 11: The best (un)official Christmas films!

And, by unofficial, I mean that they’re not actually Christmas films, but they still make me feel super Christmassy anyway!

The Harry Potter Series

For some reason, these films just make me feel so Christmassy! Plus, when better to have a HP marathon than by the fire with a hot chocolate at Christmas time? It’s just the perfect time for it!

Notting Hill

I love this film, and it just makes me feel so cosy and relaxed. That’s how I like to feel at Christmas time, so it fits perfectly for me!


This one’s a film that you can watch with the whole family! It’s funny, and there’s something about that little bear that makes me feel Christmassy. Maybe it’s because he’s featured in the M&S advert this year?!

The Sound Of Music

There is NO better time of year to watch a musical than Christmas time! The sound of music is so special to me, I just love it.

Edward Scissorhands

I don’t know why, but I’ve always watched this film at Christmas time so now it just feels Christmassy to me!


I think it’s all of the snow in this film (and this music, of course) but it just makes me feel so happy and Christmassy!

Moulin Rouge

Another musical! I actually got this on dvd for Christmas a few years ago, and ever since it has just reminded me of that Christmas feeling!

Bridget Jones

Another film that I always seem to watch at Christmas! I love Bridget Jones, I really really do 🙌🏻

About A Boy I loveeee this film! It just warms my heart so much, and Christmas is truly a time for heart warming films!

Mean Girls That iconic Jingle Bell Rock scene makes it Christmassy, right?! My life motto is that every time is the perfect time to watch mean girls, so Christmas is the perfect time too!

What films do you like to watch at Christmas, but they’re not actually Christmas films?! Let me know in the comments!


H x

Blogmas 2017 Day 10: Top Tips For Christmas On A Budget!


I am doing Christmas on a tighter budget than EVER this year. This is mainly because I’m a student, but also because I have a wedding to pay for. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t still treat the people I love! So, I’ve decided to compile some savvy tips on how to do Christmas for less…

Go to discount shops

B&M is your best friend! They often sell the exact same things as other shops but for a few quid cheaper, and a few quid quickly adds up to a lot where presents are involved! They sell some fab brands (such as yankee candle, Vera Wang and Nivea) and also do a 2 for £20 offer on toys, perfect for the kids of the family! There’s also home bargains, pound land, and many more; be sure to shop around this Christmas and save yourself some pennies!

Watch out for ‘offers’

This might sound obvious, but stay with me here. Offers aren’t always offers, sometimes they’re a marketing ploy. Argos is a big offender for this with their 3 for 2 offer… You do get 3 items for the price of 2, but this can often cost you a little more as they increase their prices before the offer starts! Similarly, Boots’ ‘star gift’ ranges are planned with the prices of the items in mind. So, whilst you may think that you can get this item for 50% off for one week only as it’s a star gift, it will often only be worth the star gift price, or maybe even less (*cough* Zoella Advent Calendar *cough*). Sneaky little tricks like this can actually result in you paying more so be smart about what you buy, and when!


Aldi doesn’t have the best shelf life when it comes to their veg, I’ll give you that. But, it is the cheapest place for those Brussels by far! And, when you’re cooking up a Christmas feast, you don’t really need your veg to last very long, so keep them in mind for your spuds for roasting! (Their own brand gravy is also veeeery inexpensive and tastes incredible, I can vouch for that). Local produce can also be found on local markets etc, and often they are cheaper than the supermarkets, and you get to help out a local business, win win!

Complete Savings

For a price of £15 a month, complete savings is a complete saviour if you do your Christmas shopping online! £15 may seem a little steep, but if you do all of your shopping at once, you will only have to pay for one month, and you can cancel your subscription after this period. You get a minimum of 10% cash back on purchases from a range of online retailers including asos, Debenhams, eBay and look fantastic! It’s definitely worth the £15 if you’re doing the majority of your Christmas shopping online.


I always think that personalisation makes any gift magical. Thoughtful gifts are definitely the way forward, and they can save you some money too! I see so many sweet/food/biscuit hampers on sites such as Not On The Highstreet, but why pay so much for these when you could create them yourself?! Source some baskets from places such as Amazon, and get creative with your loved one’s favourite things! I, personally, like to bake some cookies and cakes and do a little basket full of home made goodness! (I used to make gifts like this all of the time when I was younger as my mum ran a little business doing such things, and they really do make people smile!).

What tips do you swear by for saving money at Christmas time?! Let me know in the comments!


H x

Work hard? Work Smart! Brain Füd Review!* *INCLUDES DISCOUNT CODE*


I didn’t know what to call this post for a really long time. I wanted to be witty and original, but in all truth, I am just bloody shattered. Student life tends to get pretty intense around this time of year, and that, along with anxiety, has left me feeling worn out and drained. I’ve got work to do, but my brain simply cannot focus, and all I want to do is watch Call The Midwife.

Step forward Brain Füd.

Now, this was really funny actually. Brain Füd contacted me back in September about reviewing their products, and I was very excited! However, with everything that’s going on (as detailed above), I just completely forgot that I was supposed to be receiving these samples from them! They arrived when I was having a really bad day, and it made me feel like it was a sign! So yeah, they really lifted my spirits when they first arrived, now let’s get to the review…


Brain Füd claims to be ‘the smarter energy drink’. By this, it means that it’s like an energy drink, but without all the bad bits. The energy comes from a natural ingredient, Guarana, and everything else in the drink is a vitamin, mineral, fruit juice, or water. One bottle contains the equivalent caffeine to an Americano and there’s no artificial flavours or preservatives, and no sugar! PLUS, they’re suitable for vegans! Amazing.

The founder of Brain Füd, Philip, founded the company after struggling with chronic fatigue due to sickle cell. He wanted to create a natural boost, and a helping hand. How inspiring is that?! I’m definitely excited to see where this company goes in the future!

Brain Füd currently stock three flavours of their natural energy drink; Berry & Coconut, Citrus & Mint, and Pineapple & Ginger. They sent me all three to try in exchange for this review, which was absolutely lovely of them! Before I even tried them, I had to note that I loveeeee the design and artwork on the bottles! Plus, the citrus and mint flavour sounded right up my street…

Berry and Coconut


I tried this one first, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I’ll be honest, I did like it, but the flavour was a bit of a surprise as first as it’s nothing like I’ve ever tasted before. The berry and coconut flavours do compliment each other though, and it was very refreshing indeed! I also had a huge energy boost after I drank this (I was almost asleep before, yet I managed to stay awake for another 7ish hours after drinking).

Citrus and Mint


I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS ONE!! My favourite by far!! If you like mojitos, you will LOVE this flavour. Very refreshing and lovely, this could 100% become my new favourite drink.







Pineapple and Ginger

lFcd7rIaT2Gm6%wT3Xre9Q_thumb_f0bThis one is a nice flavour. The pineapple makes it sweet, and the ginger gives it a little kick! This flavour is perfect for those early mornings when you need an extra little boost. Also ginger is great for sore throats and getting over flu, so perfect for the winter months!






All in all, I really liked these drinks, and would 100% recommend them. Their flavours, whilst different, are refreshing and very different from each other! They also did give me an energy boost, and I really like that they’re much more natural than the sugary, caffeinated energy drinks that come to mind when you think of a typical energy drink. These would be perfect to be sold in the Student Union, and I would buy them for sure!


So, there we have it! Brain Füd drinks retail at £18 for 12, which isn’t bad, even for a struggling student (like me lol). But, they’ve also offered a discount of 25% for my readers until 1st December! To redeem it, just enter ‘LifeThroughTSG’ at the checkout HERE.

Thanks for reading!


H x


*Product sent in exchange for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.

Personalised Cakes Through Your Door! Letter Box Cake Review and GIVEAWAY!*



I apologise for the influx of reviews lately, I am trying to squeeze some exciting content in before LifeThroughTSG gets all festive for blogmas!

Anyway, today my blogging dreams came true because….. *drumroll*…..

bakerdays agreed to send me a personalised cake, in exchange for this review!

YES PEOPLE, I got cake in exchange for blogging. BEST. DAY. EVER.

If you follow me on socials, you may know that it was my friend Charlotte’s birthday last week. So, when bakerdays asked if I’d like to try a cake, I thought why not dedicate it to her?! My instructions to the lovely Emma at bakerdays were to make it for Charlotte’s 20th birthday, but that she could be as cheeky as she liked, as she offered to make me a custom design! bakerdays do have a fab range of designs already on their website which you can personalise, but they also have a photo upload option if you’re looking for something really unique. So, let’s see what she came up with….


Cute, right?! To be honest, I think this cake just sums up our friendship perfectly- haha!

Letterbox cakes really are just that. They’re made specifically to fit through the letter box, so they’re perfect for those last minute occasions when you accidentally forget someone’s birthday (oops). They’re also perfect for long distance friendships/relationships.. not seeing them on their birthday? Send them cake! (I know I’d really appreciate that anyway).


The cake arrives in this cute little tin, which I am definitely going to keep. I don’t know what I’m going to put in it yet, but I feel like it’s definitely going to come in handy for cake storage!

It also comes with a little birthday pack including a few balloons, some candles and a party tooter- perfect for a little birthday celebration!


I absolutely just adore this cake from baker days, and it tastes fab too! I’d definitely recommend them if you’re looking to send someone a cake or even just get someone a really nice, personalised cake. As well as the letter box size (£14.99), they also have small party cakes (£27.99), medium cakes (£37.99), and large cakes (£57.99). Flavours range from traditional sponge, to chocolate chip, even to marble cake for any occasion, such as Christmas, holy communion, birthdays, eid, halloween, engagement, new home AND MORE.

And, bakerdays don’t just stop at cakes! They also sell personalised cup cakes, which are really adorable, and they sell personalised balloons. AND they do dairy-free, gluten-free and wheat-free options, how amazing! Essentially, they’re your one-stop-shop for the perfect celebration, for any event!


Now for the MOST exciting part….


The lovely people over at bakerdays have also agreed to run a giveaway with me. Yes, that’s right, you could win your very own FREE PERSONALISED CAKE! Then, maybe it will be your best day ever! I’m running this giveaway over on my Instagram and twitter, so head to either of those if you’d like to be in with a chance of winning.


  • You can enter on both Instagram and twitter, but only once on each platform.
  • You must be following me on the social platform for entry to count.
  • You must be a UK resident.
  • You must reply within 24 hours of me reaching out to you to inform you of your win. If you do not reply within 24 hours, another winner will be drawn.
  • Giveaway begins at 5pm on 22nd November 2017, and ends on 6th December at 5pm.

And that’s the serious bit done! So, if you’d like to win a beautiful, personalised letter box cake, please do enter!

Thanks again to the team at bakerdays, I’m off to eat some more cake now…


H x

*Product sent in exchange for review. For more information, please see my Disclaimer.

2017 Gift Guide For Her!

Hello and welcome back to Blogmas, and to this gift guide for her! Even though I am saying for her, these gifts could be used for a variety of different people, I am just basing the ‘her’ on what I know people in my life (and myself!) would love to receive!

Metallic Personalised Favourite Song Wave Print


I love, love, LOVE this! It’s such a unique and personalised gift idea, as you can have any special song made. Plus it looks absolutely beautiful, and I don’t think it’s a bad price at all at £30!






Ringtons Luxury Gift Box

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 22.22.38I bloody love Ringtons products, they’re delicious, and this gift box of treats is great value for £19.99! Perfect for a biscuit lover!






Jon Richard – Rose gold pave ball pearl necklace

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 22.24.26

How gorgeous is this necklace?! And, at only £18.99, it’s super affordable too!








Cats Protection Mug

As soon as I saw this mug on a recent press release, I knew that I had to feature it in this post! It’s purrrr-fect for any cat lover (get it?) and funds received through purchases from their shop goes towards helping over 190,000 cats and kittens a year, absolutely lovely right?! This gift is super nice, and the purchase of it does good too!



Winky Lux Flower PH Balm

I have seen so many of these alllll over instagram, and I just think they are beautiful! They’re not too pricey at £13, and they’d make the perfect stocking filler!








Polaroid String Print Frame

How adorable is this frame?! It’s perfect for adding some personaisation to any room, and photos would look so cute on this! Very sentimental too if you were to pre-fill it with photos of you and your loved one!








KADO Water Bottle in Marble Print

I have been seeing these waterbottles EVERYWHERE at the moment, and I just love them! This one is super blogger too with the marble print, I bloody love it!








A Chocolate Avocado

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 09.39.03I don’t know why I find this so funny, but I’ve been giggling at this for like 20 mins. I don’t know, it’s £12 fgs, but I feel like I need it somehow. I don’t know…





Vintage Book, Tea And Stationery Subscription Gift

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 09.46.14

How perfect is this?! Every literature lover’s dream! And £39 for three months is not bad at all, especially seen as a vintage book is included!





Bubble Bath Machine

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 09.50.03

My mouth frigging dropped open when I saw this, A BUBBLE BATH MACHINE!!!! Where has this been all my life?! I don’t know…





Personalised Photo Wood Panel

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 09.53.43

Mind the cheesy couple on the front, obviously you personalise the photo with what you like. I really like the idea of it being printed on a wood panel! There’s something unique about it, I like it a lot.





5 in 1 Retro Slushie and Soft Ice Cream Maker

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 09.59.05

Ok, now THIS is cool. I wonder if I could convince zack that we need one for the wedding?!







Letter Writes

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 10.04.04

This beautiful letter boards are made by a fellow blogger. Although I don’t own one myself (yet) I have heard nothing but rave reviews, and they’re just so pretty….







And there we have it! I hope this has given you some present inspiration.


H x

All images sourced from linked websites.

5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Room On A Budget


So, you may know that I recently moved into a new student house. As this is a rented property, I cannot change too much about the room, but I want to make it my own. So, I thought I would write this post with 5 ways to spruce up your room on a budget!

  1. Photo Wall

Now, I love a good photo wall. In fact, I like to have what I call a ‘positivity corner’ with my favourite quotes/pictures/prints. For affordable, high quality prints, easy shops like Very Vez* are perfect! I got this C.S Lewis print from there, and I just love how simple and cosy it is! You can do this with or without frames, but if you’re going to use frames, these ones from Wilko are perfect!

2. A Rug

Rugs are SUCH a great way to spruce up a room without spending money on getting a new floor! And also perfect for if you’re renting a property and hate the floor! I absolutely love this Geometric rug from Ikea!

3. Allll The Cushions

Cushions have got to be my holy grail product for homeware, I just cannot get enough of them! These, along with a throw, add the ultimate comfort to any room. Matalan especially excels in this area.

4. Bunting/Fairy Lights

Now, I’m sure you didn’t need me to tell you about fairy lights. But bunting combined with fairy lights just makes any room homely! I love this bunting from etsy.

5. DIY

And, if you’re really on a budget, get busy and DIY yourself some creations! I’ve seen DIY pom pom rugs, plant hangers, and much more! So get searching, and you’re sure to find a DIY tutorial for what you’re looking for!


My Room

So for my uni room, I was on a supeeeer tight budget!

I started by picking up some new bedding from Primark. This one was in the sale for £10 down from £23, bargain!

I added some copper fairy lights (also from primark), candles and my light box from B&M!

Prints from DorkFaceShop really made my room come to life, and added some much needed colour! Plus pictures of my friends and family made me feel more at home. 

The little plant pots with faces are from Newlook, and the placemats are from primark.  

The over the door mirror was the last step to make this room feel like home. This one was £10 from Wilkinsons and it’s perfect for what I need it for!
And that’s just about everything! I really like the colour scheme for my new room, and I hope you do too!


H x

* Gifted Item. For more information, see my Disclaimer. 

Binge-Worthy TV Boxsets This Autumn! #AD

Hello, hello, hello and welcome back to blogtober, I cannot believe that it’s day 17 already!
Panasonic recently contacted me challenging me to write a post about my favourite box sets in order to celebrate the release of their brand new UHD 4k television. With a sleek design and a beautifully bright, colourful display, this TV from Panasonic is absolutely perfect for watching endless boxsets on those autumn days, when you just want to curl up under a blanket and hide from that inevitable autumn rain. So, without further ado, here are my top 5 all-time favourite box sets that you NEED to watch this autumn!


1. Desperate Housewives

Desperate housewives is hands-down my favourite TV show, EVER. I think it’s because it reminds me of the Sunday nights when I would be allowed to stay up a lot later than usual just to watch it with my mum! It’s got humour, mystery, murder, sex, drama, scandal; everything a good TV show should have! I’ve been eyeing the box set up for quite a while now, and I think autumn might just be the perfect time to get comfortable on the sofa and relive all those wonderful memories of Wisteria Lane…

2. Hannibal

This is actually a TV show that I’ve been watching recently with my fiancé as it is currently on Netflix. Although I’m not a huge Silence Of The Lambs fan, the character of Hannibal Lecter is undeniably brilliant, and this TV show really shows a different side to the story. It’s set in the present day, and it’s really really interesting. I don’t want to give too much away, but trust me, once you start watching, you won’t be able to stop!

3. Friends

Who doesn’t love friends?! I’ve never met anyone! Friends is the perfect box set to make you feel all nostalgic for the 90s. Plus, even though I’ve seen each episode around a gazillion times, they still manage to make me giggle!

4. Gossip Girl

I was pretty late to the Gossip Girl party, but BOY was I missing out! Gossip Girl is like that one girl at school who seems to know EVERYTHING about EVERYONE (full of secrets like Gretchen Weiners), except it’s set on the upper east side of New York, so it’s much more glamorous than my life will ever be. Think secondary school scandal, but on private school in New York level.

5. The Walking Dead

Definitely the most Halloween appropriate on this list. I’ll be honest, before I watched The Walking Dead for the first time, I was a little skeptical. However, one episode in, I was HOOKED. I’m not a massive fan of the gore, but if you ignore those bits, this show is really something to rave about. Plus, it’s perfect timing to start binge-watching as the new season comes out very soon!

And there we have it, my top 5 TV box sets! I hope this has given you some binge-watching inspo for autumn. A huge thank you to Panasonic for challenging me to come up with this post, and be sure to check out their brand new UHD 4K TV if you’re in need of an upgrade! (Or if your current one spontaneously breaks because it’s sick of the same friends re-runs, oops…)

What are your favourite TV box sets ever? Let me know in the comments!


H x

This post was part of a paid collaboration with Panasonic. For more information on this, please see my disclaimer.

The Wedding Diaries: The National Wedding Show at NEC Birmingham 2017!

Hello, hello, hellooooooooo!

So, if you follow my insta stories (which you totally should), you may know that recently Zack and I had the pleasure of attending The National Wedding Show at the NEC in Birmingham! The tickets for this were actually kindly gifted to them by my lovely blogger friend Abbey after she won them in a competition, and how could we say no to such an amazing offer?!

If I’m honest, we didn’t really know what to expect. As we are at the early stages of planning still, we haven’t even attended a wedding fayre yet, so I was worried initially that the wedding show might be a little overwhelming. But, we managed it and we had an amazing day! Continue reading “The Wedding Diaries: The National Wedding Show at NEC Birmingham 2017!”

The Art Of Learning When To Say No

I’m going to be honest, this is something that I struggle with a lot. But, it’s been highlighted even more to me since I’ve been blogging.

All too often, I think it’s polite to just say yes. Whether that be to a friend who wants to hang out (even if I don’t feel up to it), a blog opportunity (even if I have a lot on at the moment and will struggle to complete it), or a family member asking to add people to my guest list (if I wanted them to be invited, they would be). I’ll admit it, I’m just rubbish at saying no. But, I’ve come to realise this past year or so, that saying no is a bloody art form, and a life skill that must be acquired in order for me to take control of my own life. So, I’m writing this post with a few points on how saying ‘No’ can actually be the politest thing you can do…

  • Saying no doesn’t have to come across rude

If in a professional email, make sure to make it clear that you’re flattered by the opportunity and would consider it in the future. It doesn’t always have to be a definite ‘no’, sometimes it can be a ‘no-for-now’. Continue reading “The Art Of Learning When To Say No”