Crete 2017 Look Book! 

Hello there!

So, you may know that I recently spent 2 dreamy weeks on the beautiful island of Crete, Greece. Whilst I was there, a lot of my outfits were brand new, so I’ve decided to put a little look book together! 

Hope you enjoy!

Shop  the look:

Dress- Peacocks

Shoes- Newlook (out of stock)

Sunglasses: Asos

Choker: Primark (in store only) 

Playsuit: primark (in store only)

Sunglasses: Asos

Shoes: Newlook (Similar)

Bag: miPac

Lace Top: Newlook (similar) 

Shorts: Newlook

Shoes: Peacocks (similar from newlook)

Vest Top: Peacocks 

Skirt: Motel Rocks
Body: Newlook (similar

Sunglasses: Boohoo

Bag: Topshop (inside pocket of another bag!)

Shoes: Peacocks

Skirt: Motel Rocks

Shirt: Everything 5 Pounds (sold out) Similar

Bralette: M&S

Shoes: As Above (Peacocks)

Choker: Primark (In store only)

Dress: Asos/Boohoo

Shoes- Newlook (out of stock)

Sunglasses: Asos
Thank you for reading, let me know in the comments what clothing items you’re loving this summer!


H x

It’s All About Yellow!


I feel like THE colour this SS17 is yellow, or it is for me anyway! I’ve never worn yellow before, I don’t think so anyway, but recently I was browsing primark (mens) looking for some stuff for my fiancé when I found a cute, pastel yellow T-Shirt! At only £2, I thought I would try and make it work. I wasn’t sure what I was going to pair it with when I purchased it, but I’ve come up with an outfit that I thought I would share! 

You probably saw this look ALL over my Instagram at the time, but it is my favourite by far! I just love pairing this yellow tee with the stripey trousers. This look is fun, casual and comfortable all in one, but you could even jazz it up with a smart jacket and wear it to work! So versatile, and bang on trend with the trousers this season!

Shop the look:

Top- Primark (in store only) 

Trousers- Peacocks

Shoes- Primark (in store only) 

Bag- Primark (in store only) 

And that’s all from me today! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thanks for reading,

H x

Summer 2017 Wish List!

Hello, hello, hello!

Today I have a wish list post, which I recently realised that I haven’t written in nearly a year! Wish list posts are my favourite to read, so I hope you enjoy reading this one! I’m going to break this down into shops, and this is gonna be fashion based. So, without further-ado, let’s get on with it…


Absolutely killing it this season are my all-time favourite, new look!

Here’s a few items I’m loving:

Grey Suedette Biker Jacket nl 1

This ain’t Paris T-Shirt


Turquoise Sequin Swimsuit Continue reading “Summer 2017 Wish List!”

SS17 Day to Night Look!

Hello there! A little different today, a fashion post, ooooh, I haven’t written one of those for a while! But, I just loved my outfit this weekend so wanted to write about it, simple. If I’m honest, I did want to do a full look book as I loved doing my last one, but I simply haven’t had the time with exams and deadlines, but I hope you enjoy this post anyway!

The Look

As I was travelling on the train, I could not take much luggage with me this weekend. Therefore, I had the task of creating a versatile look for day and night time. For the day, I style the look as seen below. For me, the real stand out pieces in this outfit were the bag and the jacket. The jacket was a recent buy from Zara. It’s faux suede in the colour dusty pink and I just couldn’t love it any more if I tried! It’s definitely going to be a staple piece for me this SS17. The bag was another recent buy, and a kind of impulse buy. It’s actually from Primark and from the reduced section meaning it only cost me £3! It’s a great quality, stand out bag which I feel really brings all of this outfit together. The trousers, again, are a staple of this look for me! I just love how comfy yet classy they are, and I am fully aboard the trouser trend this season.

For the daytime, I paired these staples with some simple sandals, sunglasses and a colourblock black and white body for that perfect SS17 vibe.

Shop the day time look:

Body (Similar)



Bag (Primark, stores only)

Shoes (Similar)

Sunglasses (Similar)



I didn’t actually get any pictures of the night time look (oops) but I am hoping I can describe it to do it justice! I kept the jacket and the trousers, but I opted for a metallic clutch bag to accompany the outfit. I also switched up the body to a black, deep plunge style to give it that extra glam feel. Paired with a black choker and some metallic shoes, I felt simply amazing in this outfit and shall definitely be wearing it again!

Shop the night time look:








And that’s the end of this post. Hope you loved it, and the outfit, and thanks for reading!


H x

Last Minute Halloween Costumes!


As Halloween is fast approaching, some of you may have still not sorted out your costume! Not to worry, Halloween costumes can be made quickly, cheaply and easily yet still look effective! Here are 5 ideas of a costume which you could easily DIY yet still look great!

1. A Witch

Ooooh the infamous go-to halloween costume! I have actually never been a witch for halloween, tried to steer clear of the norm, yet I don’t see any problem with being one! A witch is simple. All you need is a black/dark coloured dress and a hat, which can easily be purchased from Poundland! If you want to go a step further, Asda have the most adorable mini broom in at the moment for only £3! Adorable and easy to carry around with you if need be!

A witch may be a simple outfit, but it can give you a great opportunity to play around with your makeup! Now, I don’t mean the typical green face with warts, witch makeup could be anything, pretty or scary, and if you take some time to decide what you’re going to do, you could look amazing!

2. A Vampire

I actually was a vampire for Halloween when I was about 7 and, to be honest, the costume was hideous! But ever since my love for Twilight (don’t judge me) I’ve wanted to create a vampire look that I actually like! Again, dark clothing, skirts, tops, dresses, would probably work best for this look. I would also probably add a choker to make this look extra ‘scary’! Pale makeup, red lips, fluttery lashes and dark eyes (maybe even some red coloured contacts if you can wear that kind of thing) would be perfect for this look! And, I mean, you could always buy some cheap fangs if you reallllly wanted…

3. A Shadow

I actually saw this idea on Pinterest and I LOVE IT! Basically, all you need is a black morphe suit, which could be sourced from amazon, argos or many other places, and black clothing to go over the top. This is such a simple idea but it looks so creepy and effective, I’m definitely going to try this one year!

4. A Fairy

Who said Halloween costumes had to be scary? Here is your chance to soak yourself in glitter and wear cute pastel clothing!! A wand, a flower headband, some cool eye makeup and more could EASILY be added to make this look complete! Ooooh I’m excited already!

5. And, if all else fails, get that white t shirt out!!! 

An oversized white t shirt can do wonders and look incredibly effective! You can cut it, rip it, dirty it, cover it in blood (fake, obviously), crumple it, tie it, and even wear it as a dress (if it’s oversized!). The opportunities are endless! For maximum effect, team it with a scary mask, some face paint, some creepy make up or even a scary hairstyle!

As always, thanks for reading! I hope you like my suggestions, feel free to add your own in the comments!

I hope you all have an amazing Halloween,


H x












Collab With Boutique Of Molly- What I Really Think! *EDIT*

Hello there!

I originally wrote this post happy and cheery and with nothing but praise for a company who’s items are, let’s be honest, pretty average. I do like the top I purchased, but the quality isn’t fab and it’s pretty short to say it isn’t supposed to be cropped, and I mean I am only 5″2. I agreed to work with this company on the basis that I would get 30% off of my first purchase, a discount which would increase each time I worked with them, and full coverage on their social media sites plus a place on the ‘blogs’ section of their website. To be honest, this isn’t a great deal but they originally contacted me in June (at which point I’d been blogging for less than a month) and I got excited about the opportunity, I didn’t know that it actually wasn’t that great of an opportunity. In June, I asked them to wait until September as I didn’t have a job over the summer so wouldn’t have much spare cash to spend £25+ (after the discount) on an item. They politely agreed and contacted me again in October, at which point I tried a little to negotiate a better deal. I failed, but I had seen so many other bloggers working for them that I decided to take the plunge. 

I ordered an item from the sale (because I’m still strapped for cash) and paid £14. This means I was effectively paid £4 for this post. To write, edit, review and photograph this post, it probably took me 3-4 hours. So I was ‘paid’ £1 an hour. I just want to say, I don’t run my blog for profit. If profit is available, it’s always a plus, but this isn’t my main focus. But, in this case, I paid £10 (£14 take off the £4 discount) to write a post, and spend 4 hours trying to perfect it, just for coverage on their social media, which I didn’t even bloody get!

I just can’t even explain how angry I am. I am not the best blogger, and my photography is questionable, but I don’t think anyone deserves to be deceived and lied to the way this company have to me!

I’m sorry for the negativity on my social media about this. Once I tweeted about my experience, they sent me 4 messages (after ignoring me for 3 days) saying they were going to feature me and had been out of office (which was a complete lie because they’ve tweeted and retweeted other bloggers and they had read my messages, they even bloody liked my tweet but didn’t retweet it!). Honestly, I just feel let down and embarrassed that they’ve ripped me off. 

I would encourage all bloggers to steer clear of this company. As I was new to the world of blogging when they contacted me, I feel like they played on my niavity and used it to their advantage. And I’m not the only one, you can read other blogger’s experiences with this company here:

Be careful!


H X 

Everything 5 Pounds Autumn Look Book!

Hello and welcome to my first ever LookBook on my blog! The wonderful Everything 5 Pounds have collaborated with me this Autumn, to bring you a Look Book! I tried to keep this as Autumnal themed as possible, but some of the items I chose are slightly more versatile (so they can be worn all year round). All of these items can be found HERE on the Everything 5 Pounds website! All of the prices of these items are, of course, only 5 pounds, and I will include details of where to find the items and a small review of whether I like/dislike them.

Okay, here we go! 

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by Everything 5 Pounds but I chose the items myself and only chose items I did actually like and would want to wear in every day life. I aim to be honest and fair in any blog post, including those that are collaborations.


Get the Top HERE

This is one of my favourite items that I sent, it’s very me! I love a good berry coloured jumper in Autumn time so this will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe this Autumn!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Get the Shirt HERE

I love this shirt so much but it’s very big for me, which I did intentionally! I did, in fact, order this a lot larger than my usual size with the intentions of wearing it as a dress but it’s not really long enough for that. However, I do love it paired with some jeans for a nice casual look!

Get the Dress HERE

This dress smells so nice! It’s also perfect for pairing with a nice roll neck jumper for a simple look that looks like you made effort, perfect for those Autumn mornings when you don’t feel like thinking too much about an outfit!

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset


Without a doubt, this is my favourite thing that E5P sent me! I cannot believe this coat is only £5, it’s amazing quality and has a price tag of $79 (£59!). So insane.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Get the Blouse HERE

This blouse is so cute and boho! I love it!

Get the Dress HERE

This dress smells a bit like balloons, weird I know, but it looks good and is super comfortable!

Get the Dress HERE

I really love the classic style of this dress! It looks great yet is so simple, definitely my kind of look!

My overall impression from my first time shopping with E5P is about a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars! Some of their items are great quality for only £5! Others aren’t as good quality but still look great and, for only £5 each, you can’t go wrong!

Now, a note for their customer service. One of the items I had ordered, unfortunately, had a bust zip which meant I couldn’t wear it. I emailed them about this problem and, as their stock sells so quick, they can’t really replace items. However, they have sent me 4 free items to replace the one broken! I have never ever ever come across such fab customer service before and I shall definitely be shopping again!

As always, thank you for reading and supporting me. This is my very first look book so I was slightly worried about it, but I am happy with how it ended up and I sincerely hope you love it too!


H x

5 Top Shops For Basics

Helloooo there!

Recently, I had a big wardrobe clear out leaving me space for some new bits and bobs (yay).Whilst I was clearing out my wardrobe, it occurred to me that I don’t really have every day clothes! Because I’ve worn a school uniform for so long, I’ve never really needed basic every day clothes. But, as I’m planning on going to University in September, I really really need some!

So, I’ve been shopping and have found the top 5 cheapest places in the UK to get some basic every day clothes.

5. Depop

Although they’re mainly second hand clothes, Depop does have some lovely pieces! Often they’re listed by people who previously loved them but have no use for them anymore (like me!) but you can still get great quality clothing for a fraction of the original price!

4. Asos Outlet

Asos is one of my favourite shops in the world but it can be very expensive at times! In their Outlet, they often have up to 70% off of clothing and it is updated really regularly, so often the items haven’t gone out of fashion yet!

3. Boohoo

Another one of my faves, boohoo do some classic pieces for small prices as well as prettier items for slightly more in their boutique section. I love boohoo for every day fashion because their items are just so easy to wear and always look great, can’t go wrong!

2. Everything 5 Pounds

Admittedly, this website is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes they have great clothing which looks lovely for only £5 and sometimes they’re horrible. But, if you catch this website at the right time, they may just have some perfect pieces for every day or going out that only cost £5, very much a bargain!

1. Primark

And, of course, one of my favourite shops has to take the crown! Last weekend I managed to go hunting in Primark (and their sale!) and bag myself 19 items for less than £60! That’s so insane because I’ve spent £60 in other shops on just 2 or 3 items! Some of these are just basic stripy tees but some of them are really fashionable, in the moment pieces, and the most I spent on a single item was £6! I even managed to bag myself  few items from the sale that were just £1! It was just crazy! So, if you’re looking for some cute clothing for every day at a very affordable price, Primark is the best place in the UK!

Happy Shopping!

H x