Blogmas 2017: A Round Up!

Hello, hello, hello!

So, blogmas has now OFFICIALLY come to an end 🙁. I’ve absolutely loved doing it this year, and I hope that you’ve loved reading the posts! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me this month, or for the last 18! I really do appreciate it.

Anyway, here’s a round up of my blogmas posts this year with links, just in case you missed any of them!

  1. How to make the perfect Hot Chocolate!
  2. My December Calendar
  3. My New Holy Grail: Essentialle Skin Care Review!
  4. Real VS Fake- The Christmas Tree Debate!
  5. Top 5 Seasonal Drinks
  6. Gift Guide for Bloggers!
  7. Winter favourites Top 5 Christmas Adverts
  8. Christmas bucket list
  9. Tips for Christmas on a budget

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Blogmas 2017 Day 25: Merry Christmas! 

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you have enjoyed blogmas, and that you have a wonderful day filled with the people you love. I’ll be posting another blog post tomorrow, but for now I plan on eating and drinking lots and laughing and playing games with my favourite people. Thank you so much for reading for the last 25 days, and I’ll see you tomorrow at 5pm!

Lots of love,

H x


Blogmas Day 24: December Photo A Day!

So, this December I decided to take a photo every single day! This is in replacement of my usual photo diary, as I thought it would be fun to see a little glimpse into my day-to-day life for December. Ok, so let’s go!








Photo taken by the lovely Abbey


8. DSC_4253

















Thanks for sticking with me during Blogmas, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed creating!


H x


Blogmas 2017 Day 23: How I Spend My Christmas Day: Our Very Own 4 Christmases!

Hello, hello, hello!

And welcome back to day 23 of blogmas! I cannot believe how quickly this month is going, as if it’s only 2 more sleeps until Christmas Day?! Crazy! Zack and I spent last night at a drive in cinema watching Home Alone, and it was the perfect little treat to get us into the Christmas mood!

Anyway, today I’ve got a post all about how I spend my Christmas Day. Although many people celebrate Christmas Day, a lot of us do it very differently, and I find it so interesting to hear how other people spend theirs! So, I thought why not make a post of it?

So, I entitled this post ‘our very own 4 christmases’ because both Zack and I have split parents, so we essentially have 4 christmases. Having split parents can be hard at the best of times, but it’s especially difficult around Christmas time. However, we’ve just about got our Christmas routine mastered now. So here is a run down of our very hectic Christmas Day, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

7.30- wake up. We CANNOT sleep any later than this or we will not fit everything for the day in!

8- have breakfast with my mum and brothers and open presents at her house.

9- see my nan and grandad!

9.30- off we pop to Zack’s mums. They will have been up a little while, and we will get to see his grandparents then too.

10.30- now it’s time to visit my dad. He will usually pick us up, along with my nan (his mum) and we will go down to his house for a drink and some snacks, as well as presents!

12- DINNER TIME! Zack and I do this separately because otherwise it just gets REALLY complicated. So I usually have dinner at my nan’s, and Zack at his mum’s or grandma’s.

3- games. My nan loves a good game, and she always plans something silly for us on Christmas day!

5- I get to rejoin Zack! Either meaning that he will come and pick me up, or (if he’s had a little drink) I’ll walk down to his mum’s.

6- off we go to Zack’s dads! We spend Christmas night here watching films, opening presents etc, and it’s really nice!


9- up we get! We spend a few hours with Zack’s dad, and then it’s off to my dad’s for Christmas dinner number 2.

12- we arrive at my dad’s for dinner. It’s nice to have a dinner with my dad every year as it means that I never have to choose between my parents.

4- off to my nans! More games, yay!

8- we go to Zack’s mums now. It’s been an exhausting few days, so it’s time for a nice hot chocolate (hers are legendary) and a cosy film.


So there we have it! How do you spend your Christmas day/ Boxing Day?! I’d love to know!


H x


Blogmas 2017 Day 22: Now Showing… Paddington 2 and The Last Jedi Film Review!

Hello hello hello, and welcome back to day 22 of Blogmas! Can you believe that we are already 22 days into December? I definitely can’t, it’s going far too fast!

Anyway, if you follow me on twitter you may know that I have spent a lot of time at the cinema recently. On Wednesday this week I went to see Paddington 2, and last night I went to see The Last Jedi. I did originally have a different post planned for tonight, but I have a lot to say about both films, so I thought why not share it? And I always feel like Film reviews are going back to my roots, which is something that I love to do every now and then! Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now, here goes…

Paddington 2

Have I ever told you how much I love Paddington? I never really had a soft spot for the books or teddies etc growing up, but when the first film came out I decided to give it a go and I LOVED IT. So yeah, I went in to this Film with very high expectations.

I’ve got to be honest, this film wasn’t perfect. There were things lacking that the first film had, but I still enjoyed it nevertheless. I love how the Paddington films get it right in terms of family friendly, with something for everyone to have a giggle at!

The cast is pretty much the same as the first film, with a few new faces added. This worked just as well as the first, so very good indeed! The story line was also very good, it was just the little puns that I found to be lacking in this particular instalment. These were my favourite parts of the first film, so the lack of puns did let me down a little.

But, I still loved it and I loved following Paddington on another adventure. If I’m completely honest, I even had a little cry at the end. I won’t spoil it for you, but I was sobbing my little heart out when the cinema lights came on!

For me, this film gets 4 1/2 stars. Not perfect, but a bloody good film nonetheless.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I’ve got to be honest, I have seen A LOT of bad reviews for this film. So much so that I was a little worried about watching it. Zack’s a big Star Wars fan, and I really enjoy the films too, so to hear that a lot of people were let down was a little worrying.

However, I genuinely loved it. Easily my favourite of the newest films released. For me, I liked that there was a real story, and that it wasn’t just about the fight scenes.

Rey’s acting skills still aren’t great, but hey, she did a lot better in this film, so credit to her. And the rest of the cast still worked really well, with the addition of the lovely Rose who I am in awe of.

There was just something right about this film for me. It all made sense, and it made me happy and sad all at the same time. I also happened to absolutely love the ending. It was the perfect ending for me, and I really really enjoyed it.

So yeah, I think some of the criticism is misplaced. I don’t understand why people are so angry, but in my opinion, it’s a great film! The story line went in a completely different direction to the predictions I’ve read, but it made sense and worked really well! I don’t want to spoil the ending, but it did raise quite a few questions, and I already cannot wait for them to be answered in the next one.

I’m just gonna go ahead and give this one 5 stars because I loved it.

So there we have it! Have you seen either of these films? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!


H x


Blogmas 2017 Day 21: Setting The Mood For The Perfect Cosy Evening In

DSC_4480It’s nearly Christmas. It’s cold outside, the decorations are hung, and it’s totally acceptable to watch all of your guilty pleasure Christmas films. What better time to have a cosy night in? Here’s some tips on how to set the mood for the perfect cosy evening!

Fill the room with candles/fairy lights.

This is hands down the easiest way to make a room feel cosy. Candles add warmth and light, and fairy lights just look adorable. I also like to turn on the lights on the tree, as this makes the room feel even more christmassy! Have a fire? Get that lit/turned on too, and settle down for the ultimate cosy evening!

Or maybe even a log burning fire…

If you’ve got a real fire, definitely use it to create the perfect cosy setting! Worried about the mess and smell?! Firemizer* were kind enough to send me this firebuilder as well as their firemizer to trial! The firebuilder promises a faster, fuller, fire every time, as well as needing no kindling! It’s quick and easy to use, and contain no kerosene, so no smell or mess. The firemizer maximises the duration and efficiency of the burn, as well as reducing fuel usage by up to 38%. You simply put it above the base of the fire or grate, and it slows down the air flow to reduce the burn rate of the fuel, as well as preventing small fuel fragments falling through the grate, and conducting heat evenly to ensure all fuel is fully combusted. Essentially, they are proven (by studies at the University of Cambridge, Nottingham as well as in the OMNI test laboratories) to use less fuel and make your fire much more efficient- meaning more time to enjoy your fire, definitely perfect for creating the ULTIMATE cosy setting!


Build A Den

These are not just for kids, dens are the ultimate comfort station! I like to layer blankets on the floor on top of my duvet, add lots of cushions (even the sofa ones!) and relax. Perfect!


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Blogmas 2017 Day 20: A Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,

Wow, what a year 2017 has been. This year has brought even more sadness, violence and terror to the whole world.

I know I wrote to you last year and asked for peace over the Christmas period, but peace just for Christmas Day would be an improvement at the moment. See, Santa, I’m worried that it’s only getting worse. And I fear where it will end, if we carry on this way. It’s truly scary and it terrifies me to think that my little cousin and brother, as well as all of the children of that generation, will have to grow up in such a scary world.

So please bring joy to all of the children of the world this Christmas Santa. Some of these children have not felt joy for a long time, and they truly deserve to this Christmas. Keep them safe and warm and surround them with the people they love, as that’s what Christmas is truly about.

And surround me with my loved ones this Christmas. Let them all feel joy, and ease their wounds from the horrible year this has been.

Please keep zack safe. I don’t know what I would do without him, and I am already very scared about him being so far away. Please let him help people like he will be sent there to do, but please don’t let his kindness and optimism be ruined by the cruelty of this world.

I hope you’re doing ok Santa, and that you and all of your elves get a break this Christmas too. I’m sorry that I’ve asked for a lot, but i don’t know who else to ask santa.


H x


Blogmas 2017 Day 19: Seasonal Look Book. 5 Outfits For The Christmas Season!


This is a post I’ve been excited about alllll blogmas long, a seasonal look book! It’s worth noting that, it’s nearly Christmas, so many of these items aren’t new. However, they are still in fashion so in many cases I’ve found similar items to link you to! Ok, let’s go!

Look 1

Christmas Shopping!


Faux Fur Gilet


Look 2

Work Partying!

Dress/Another Option (similar)

Shoes (similar)

Look 3

Christmas Coffee Stopping!





Look 4

Christmas Eve Fun!


My jumper

Zack’s jumper

Look 5

Christmas Day!



Jumper Dress

Boots (Similar)

Which looks are you loving? Let me know in the comments!


H x

You can shop all of my looks directly on 21buttons! This is an app that allows me to tag the items that I’m wearing, so that you can shop them directly there. These are affiliate links, so I do earn a small commission from every sale made through the use of my tagged items. Find me @LifeThroughTSG


Blogmas 2017 Day 18: My Top Christmas Memories

In my family, we love to celebrate Christmas. For us, it’s a time to come together and just spend time with each other, usually accompanied by some good food and one of my nan’s latest silly game ideas (ever since she discovered the internet anyway!). I have some pretty special memories, so I thought I would share them in this blog post!

4. My dad was making dinner one Christmas, and thought he’d be funny and wear an apron with the body of a scantily clad lady on it. You can probably imagine his face when my great grandparents turned up unexpectedly…

3. Carter’s First Christmas! My little brother’s first Christmas was so exciting, and we dressed him up in so many adorable outfits 🙊🙊

2. Something that I’ve never really spoken about on here before, my uncle. My uncle passed away when I was 8, but some of my fondest Christmas memories include him. Continue reading “Blogmas 2017 Day 18: My Top Christmas Memories”


Blogmas 2017 Day 17: Chocolate Orange Brownies!

Hello, hello, hello! Today I’m going to share with you how I make my chocolate orange brownies. I made these last year and posted a picture on my Instagram, and lot’s of people said that I should write a blogpost on them! So, I’ve waited a WHOLE year to bring you my chocolate orange brownie recipe, adapted from a recipe from BBC Good Food. 

Ingredients to make 26ish Brownies:

  • 400g butter
  • 400g dark chocolate
  • 4 tablespoons of orange flavouring
  • 8 large eggs
  • 700g caster sugar
  • 200g plain flour
  • 100g cocoa powder
  • 200g Terry’s Chocolate Orange


Step 1

Preheat oven to 180c/160c fan.

Step 2

Put butter, dark chocolate and orange flavouring into a saucepan and melt gently over a low heat.

Step 3

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