8 Things That Moving Out Has Taught Me

Ahhh, moving out, it can be a little scary, right? But, it’s also a massive learning lesson. I didn’t believe all the people that told me how much I’d learn from it, I liked to think that I was already a super-duper grown-up adult. And reader, I was not. I learnt a lot, so here are some of the things that I learnt!

1. You don’t always need bread and milk

There’s some weird thing about these that make them ‘staples’ or something, but you just don’t always need them. I mean, for the first few weeks of living alone, I thought it was a tragedy if I didn’t have bread and milk in. But, as I don’t even drink milk, I found myself throwing away and wasting cartons that were barely even opened every single week. You don’t have to have them, and wasting them is such a waste of money.

2. Cheese is expensive

Like, super expensive. Why did no-one ever tell me this?

3. Heating and electric prices are no joke

Now I see why my dad was always telling me to put a jumper on rather than turning the heating up, and I feel bad. Heating and electric over use can result in a really costly bill!

4. Doing your own food shop can be amazing but can also suck

Want 18 bags of pickled onion monster munch? You can get them. But, this also means that there are no surprises in your cupboard. I really miss the feeling of going into a cupboard and not doing an inventory of every single little thing that I have left!

5. And when you run out of toilet roll, you’re (excuse the pun) pooped

Yup, who’s gonna help you?! One of my biggest fears is running out of loo roll when I’m home alone!

6. It’s perfectly acceptable to turn your living room into a cosy den

Think the cosy dens you created as a child, but with good films and all the food you want, it’s heaven!

7. Frozen veg is a life saver

Especially if you live alone! For the first year or so, I found myself having to limit my veg choices to 2 or 3 different varieties a week, as I was buying fresh and finding a lot of wastage. I wasn’t a fan of having to limit my veg choices every week, so I discovered frozen veg and haven’t looked back! I do still buy some fresh (such as kale) but everything else is pretty much frozen. Although, I sometimes do prefer to buy fresh and freeze it myself, but that’s just personal preference!

8. You have to always do your own washing up

I did do my own washing up when I lived at home, but sometimes if I was running super late, I’d leave my pots in the sink and my mum would wash them before I got back. That just doesn’t happen after you move out, if you’re running late and have to leave something in the sink, it will still be there waiting for you when you get home.

What did moving out teach you? I’d love to know in the comments!


H x


4 Replies to “8 Things That Moving Out Has Taught Me”

  1. Haha! Lots of life lessons, huh? When my son moved out his first big lesson was don’t forget to take the trash to the curb each week or your garage will be filled with flies that make their way into the house. And yep, cheese is super expensive!

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