Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

IMG_6503Hello, hello, hello!

Welcome back to my little Valentine’s Day post series! Today is all about how you can have a lovely time on v-day, without spending too much money. See, I like v-day, but it’s 5 days after my birthday, 4 days before Zack’s, and I’m a student, so I cannot be affording big fancy plans! Instead, I’ve got plenty of ideas as to how you can have a lovely night, but within your budget!

The Cinema

Ok, ok, this one can be a little expensive and isn’t very original! However, the cinema can be a lovely treat and Valentine’s Day this year is on a Wednesday! This means that, if you have a Meerkat Movies code, you can get 2 for 1 tickets, so your date has effectively halved in price!


If you really do want to eat out on v-day, then a cheaper option may be to go for brunch or coffee! Those meals are often a lot cheaper in many restaurants, and you’ll beat the v-day evening rush.


Orrrrrr… you could just go out for dessert! This lowers the cost quite a bit, yet is still a sweet way to spend your evening!


By this I mean like your local trampoline park! These places often get forgotten about on v-day, but they are a fun and inexpensive way to spend the occasion, and you’ll have a good time for sure!

Arcade Evening

Those slot machines can be a really cute way to bring out your competitive side!

Get Outdoors

Ok, v-day is in February, so maybe this isn’t ideal. But, if you have a break at lunch that you can spend together, then why not have a little outdoor picnic with all of your favourite foods? And, if the weather’s bad, you could always take it inside! (you could even build a fort, wow).

Film Night

Film nights are one of my favourite ways to spend occasions such as this because it can be just the two of you, and you don’t have to go anywhere. I’d suggest picking out some films that you both LOVE and getting in plenty of snacks for the perfect evening!


Why not grab some face masks and spend the evening pampering and relaxing one another?!

Local Entertainment

Ok, this sounds a bit seedy. But by this I mean a nearby pub or bar that has a comedy or music act on that evening! It’s a fun way to spend the evening together with some live entertainment without having to shell out too much cash!


Do you have any more ideas? Let me know in the comments!


H x


2 Replies to “Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank”

  1. I love all of these ideas! Going out for dessert is a brilliant suggestion, especially when Heavenly Desserts isn’t that far away from us in Leicester – I LOVE that place sooooo much! And they do Deliveroo so you can indulge even if you don’t fancy leaving the house hehe! A DIY spa is also a great thing to do and you can even combine it with your film night idea for double the fun!

    Abbey xx

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