The Wedding Diaries: Bride Book!



Today’s instalment of #TheWeddingDiaries is all about a new app that I’ve discovered called BrideBook! This is not in anyway affiliated with BrideBook, I just wanted to write a post about the app because I absolutely love it.

Ok, so basically BrideBook is a wedding planner in your pocket. You input details such as your wedding date, location and budget. It then shows a countdown to your wedding day, so you know exactly how long you’ve got to go!

You can also search for venues and suppliers through the app. As Zack and I are getting married in bath, but have only visited bath once before, this is really handy as we can view many different suppliers within the region.


Once you’ve booked a supplier, you input the estimated cost of that item, and Bridebook automatically deducts it from your budget, and shows you how much of your budget you have left.

You can also bookmark suppliers that you like to save for later. This is particularly useful in terms of budget, because BrideBook then calculates how much it thinks certain services with cost, depending on those that you’ve saved for later. This really helps to show which areas you need to be more frugal with!

In terms of our actual wedding planning, we’ve paid our wedding deposits. We’re also looking into getting wedding insurance, and that is next on our to-do list!

We’re also hoping to send out our save-the-dates soon. I know people may think that this is a little too early, but we really need to get our guests booked in the hotels etc asap, due to our venues being so far from home. So the save-the-dates need yo be sent!

That’s about it for my wedding planning update! But, as Zack goes away in around 6 months, we’ve got lots to do! Hopefully by the next update, I’ll have a lot more to tell you all…



H x




7 Replies to “The Wedding Diaries: Bride Book!”

  1. This app sounds like a total godsend for couples planning a wedding! It’s great that you’re able to get quotes from local suppliers that you might find it really difficult to source otherwise, you can definitely guarantee you’re getting the best deal way with a minimum amount of hassle and fuss! Anything that removes the need to speak on the phone to people is also a massive winner in my opinion!!

    Abbey 🎨

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