Discount Codes!

Is this a betrayal to my twitter bio? Perhaps. But it’s come to a point where I’ve got a few codes and I’m a bit confused about them myself, so I thought why not put them in a post to refer people to?! Although, I promise, there is not a coconut lane code in sight!

So, yeah, this is a list of the codes that are exclusive to me. Those marked with an asterisk are affiliate codes, meaning I make a small profit each time the code is used. This post is also gonna be regularly updated if some codes expire/ when I get a new code, so yeah, happy shopping!

Brain Fud 25% off with code ‘LifeThroughTSG’ until 1st December!

Secret Scent Box15% off with code ‘LIFETHROUGHTSG15’ *

Friction Free Shaving25% off of your first box with code ‘J2FCO7’ *

Very Vez 10% off with code ‘HAYLEY10’

Uni Days– referral link*

Songfinch 20$ off with code ‘FANSOFTSG’


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