Why doesn’t the fashion world cater for me?

Hello there! 

Today I just wanted to talk to you a little about something that’s really bothering me. So, I have a pretty big chest size (36 G) and a size 10 waist, my body is just completely out of proportion. And, as you can probably understand from this, finding clothes that fit me properly is an absolute nightmare. 

I often end up buying clothes that are way too big for me just so that they fit my bust, or I have to deal with the horrible tightness around my bust if an item of clothing fits me everywhere else. Not only is this upsetting, it’s pretty confidence destroying. 

To be honest, I do like my body. I’m comfortable in it most of the time and I like that I’m a little out of proportion, it’s what makes me me. But I don’t like the clothing situation, not at all. 

When I bring this up to people, their suggestions mainly revolve around having a boob reduction. I’m not gonna lie, I find that so so so offensive. Why on earth should I have to change my body? I like my body! I voiced these opinions on twitter and was flooded with other women who have the same issues, so why can’t a clothing brand cater for us? They cater for different sizes, but not different shapes. 

It’s just frustrating me so much that when I bring this up to people they seem to think that I’m being awkward by not wanting to have a major operation to permanently alter my body and leave me unable to breastfeed. Why would I want that? Just because a dress doesn’t fit me I should change my whole body?

To be honest, I’m just disgusted. I would love to find a brand that caters for all shapes- and actually does- not just says they do. 

I don’t want to change my body shape, I want society and clothing brands and fashion to accept me and my shape and cater for me. 

Thanks for reading,

H x


4 Replies to “Why doesn’t the fashion world cater for me?”

  1. Love this! You (or any of us) should never have to change to make clothes fit us. And not only is surgery physically painful, but it’s also painfully expensive – and unnecessary! Your body shape sounds beautiful and I’m actually pretty jealous. I have the opposite problem – I’m so flat chested and small on top but have wider hips and thighs, so i find v-neck blouses and dresses pretty impossible to wear unless I’m wearing a cute bra that’s acceptable to flash. But you’re totally right, I have so many friends who are restricted in what they can wear because they were blessed with great boobs. I hope brands begin to listen and take action!

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  2. I completely agree with you – I’m a 32E and when I was in high school I was a DD so even then I always struggled with clothes. All my friends would still be buying clothes from the children section and I’d be having to buy adult clothes just to fit over my bust and it’s the same now and even with bras too, I can never get one that is comfortable. I always buy my tops 2 sizes bigger too!

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