Engagement Party Photo Diary 💍

So today I’ve just got a few pics from my engagement party to share with you all. I didn’t take nowhere near as many as I hoped, so this post is out of my normal scheduling just to give you a few so you can see what it was like. Our theme was white and grey/silver. My dress was from river island, my shoes from public desire and my bag from Dorothy Perkins. Although, to be honest, I don’t think there’s one pic where you can see them all, oops. Anywhere, here ya go!

In town afterwards..
The best selfie we got, so you’ll have to excuse Z’s friend in the background!
From Newlook
From Asos… (we put this on the bar!)
Frame from B&M
From Wilko!
Print from Slay My Print
Vase from Wilko
Candle and holder from B&M
Print from Slay My Print
Candle and holder from B&M. All slate from Wilko.


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