20 Things To Do Before I’m 20!

So I actually turn 19 tomorrow! To be honest, I’m not looking forward to 19 and I’m definitely not looking forward to 20. So, even though it’s a year away, I thought I would set myself some goals (well 20 of them) to lessen the blow of not being a teenager any more a little. Let’s goooooooo

  1. At least be planning moving in with my boyfriend
  2.  Visit Greece
  3. Carry out random acts of kindness 
  4. Do more giveaways
  5. Grow my Insta
  6. Go on a few weekends away
  7. Visit a spa (I’ve never been to one!)
  8. Improve my blog snap!
  9. Work with some more amazing companies!
  10. Go to a blogger event 
  11. Do more voluntary work
  12. Save some money!
  13. Start planning our wedding
  14. Continue creating content I love
  15. Buy a decent handbag (seriously)
  16. Visit Iceland
  17. Take more risks
  18. Say ‘yes’ more
  19. Plan my time better
  20. Be happy

And that’s it! Some of these goals are small and some are big but all are important to me. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I’ll see you on Sunday!


H x 


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