Pretty Personalised Painted Dish- Collab with Womanish Affairs!

Hello there!

Today I shall be talking all about this pretty little dish that I recently got from Womanish Affairs! This is a small business run by a fellow blogger, Sabah and all of her products are absolutely beautiful!

Disclaimer: I received a discount on this item in exchange for this post. 

Now first of all can I just say, wow! I love this little dish! It is so pretty and it’s gonna look just perfect in the background of my flatlays! 

The pretty pink blossom design is exactly what I asked for, and the H is so bold and beautiful! I just love it! And, because these dishes are hand painted and can be personalised, you get to pick whatever design/ personalisation you like, so it is completely tailored to you!

I am so happy with this purchase and I would definitely buy more, these would make great gifts!

Be sure to check out Sabah on her website HERE or twitter HERE

Womanish Affairs now ships worldwide and there is currently 10% off items so grab them whilst you can!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post, and I hope you enjoy browsing Womanish Affairs. 


H X 


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