Blogmas Day 18- Top 5 Christmassy Things To Do


So today I’m writing about my favourite 5 things to do at Christmas! As I couldn’t decide what I like to do more, these are in no particular order, they are just my favourite 5!

1. Bake

I love to bake around Christmas Time! Something about Shortbread, Gingerbread, Cake and Cupcakes just makes me feel all Christmassy! So, this is what I usually spend my whole of Christmas Eve doing!

2. Shop

Obviously! Christmas Shopping is so fun and I love that they play Christmas songs in stores and have Christmas displays, so exciting!

3. Go to Christmas Markets

Another form of shopping, but this time from cute little unique stalls! Christmas Markets are also becoming a tradition for me, and I really love them!

4. Watch Christmas Films

I love films and Christmas so Christmas Films are just amazing to me! I love to watch all of my favourites, maybe even one a day sometimes!

5. Drink Bailey’s Hot Chocolate

Disclaimer: not for the under 18’s!

Bailey’s hot chocolate was introduced to me last year and I love it so much, and now I know for sure that it is going to become a Christmas Tradition!

There you have it, my favourite 5 things to do at Christmas! I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your favourite things to do in the comments!

‘Til tomorrow,

H x


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