Blogmas Day 4- Gift Guide For Him

Hey there!

It’s day 4 and this post is a gift giving guide for him- whoever he may be!

For your partner

For my boyfriend, I like to do a stocking full of small novelty gifts, socks, undies, smellies and sweets that I know will make him happy. This also keeps me happy as it gives me lots to wrap and lots to buy for small amounts, I try not to go over £10 per item for the stocking but this can be easily changed and adapted to suit your own budget! I love asos for this!

I then get my boyfriend what I like to call his ‘main present’. Usually, I like to gift my boyfriend an experience of some kind, whether this be a weekend away, a day trip or an experience, for example one year I paid for us both to go indoor skydiving! I always feel like these gifts are much more personal because you get the experience and memories as well, which money truly cannot buy!

Check out for experience ideas!

For Children

For boy and girl children, I always aim for the route of something they have never received, seen or even thought of before! I particularly like personalised items that can be personalised with the child’s name, and tend to aim for cute clothes or books, avoiding toys because children always tend to receive a lot of toys at Christmas and you never know what they have already been bought! is perfect for this!

For Teenagers

This is probably the category I struggle with the most as I tend to go for typical, highstreet gifts for this age range! Usually I visit the Boots 3 for 2 range for teenagers, and it always goes down a treat! Oh, and add sweets, teenagers love these but don’t tend to get them anymore as people think they’re too old for sweets now, but they are not!

For The Middle Aged (Like my dad!)

This definitely tends to send me into gadget shops, such as Red5, to buy novelty items to make them laugh! Depending on the person, films and books are always good ideas too, but make sure it is actually on something they like or that could be really awkward!

For The Elder Males

Aw I love Christmas shopping for my grandad!

Again, this usually involves a trip to for personalised things, such as bottles of alcohol or chocolates!
Thanks for reading,

I hope you enjoyed day 4!

Same time tomorrow,



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