Meal Replacements? Collaboration with DietNow! #ad

Hey there!

A completely different post to usual today! For the next 10 days I am going to be following ‘The Fast Plan’ from Diet Now in which I shall replace all three of my daily meals with a shake/bar. I’ll be honest, the reason I wanted to collaborate with this company is because I have always thought that meal replacements were a ridiculous idea and have never really understood how they work- so I experimented on myself for your reading pleasure!

As a Disclaimer for this post, I was kindly gifted shakes and meal replacement bars in exchange for this post. However, as always all views are my own and this post aims to be completely honest.

Diet Now generously gave me many of their products to try: Vanilla/Strawberry/Hazlenut/CaffeLatte/Chocolate/Caramel Shakes and Apricot/Cocoa Orange/ Caramel & Peanut Bars. The Plan I chose to follow limits calorie intake to 600 a day, roughly 3 shakes/ 2 shakes + 1 bar. 

I’m going to be giving this post an update at the end of the ten days to discuss whether I liked the flavours, if I felt hungry/experienced any side effects and if I believe the product is worked for me or not! 

The Shakes

 The shakes tasted great, like melted ice cream! However, the strawberry one had bits in which I was a bit unsure of, but it still tasted good! The caramel one is my personal fav because that just tasted Ike ice cream! I also loved the caffe latte flavour and, of course, the chocolate flavour was a nice treat! Overall, the shakes were a lot tastier and more filling than I ever expected, they really did just taste like ice cream and it was very pleasant! 

The Bars

I’ll be honest, as an avid lover of Terry’s chocolate orange, the cocoa orange bar wasn’t really my cup of tea, the orange was nice but I found the cocoa a bit powdery. However I really liked the apricot one, which I didn’t expect to, and the caramel and peanut bars were amazing, definitely a product I would choose to eat!

Side Effects

My main side effect on this plan was hunger. I found that the shakes filled me up, to the point where I couldn’t finish it, but after 4 hours I was really hungry which, was fine during the day but got bad at night when I had already had my meals for the day. The main thing I found to help was drinking tea, which you’re allowed to do whilst on the plan. 

Did I see results?

I mean, before I even started this plan I was expecting to not really see many results as I’m only following it for 10 days. But I did feel energetic and a lot less bloated than usual, which is something I really struggle with. If I was to continue on this product, I would change plans to one less strict so that I could eat one meal a day because I love food and I really missed it for these ten days! 

Want to try these products out for yourself? DietNow have set up an exclusive discount code for my readers only! Just enter HAYLEY25 at the checkout for 25% off of your order! 

As always,

Thanks for reading,

H X 


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