Collab With Boutique Of Molly- What I Really Think! *EDIT*

Hello there!

I originally wrote this post happy and cheery and with nothing but praise for a company who’s items are, let’s be honest, pretty average. I do like the top I purchased, but the quality isn’t fab and it’s pretty short to say it isn’t supposed to be cropped, and I mean I am only 5″2. I agreed to work with this company on the basis that I would get 30% off of my first purchase, a discount which would increase each time I worked with them, and full coverage on their social media sites plus a place on the ‘blogs’ section of their website. To be honest, this isn’t a great deal but they originally contacted me in June (at which point I’d been blogging for less than a month) and I got excited about the opportunity, I didn’t know that it actually wasn’t that great of an opportunity. In June, I asked them to wait until September as I didn’t have a job over the summer so wouldn’t have much spare cash to spend £25+ (after the discount) on an item. They politely agreed and contacted me again in October, at which point I tried a little to negotiate a better deal. I failed, but I had seen so many other bloggers working for them that I decided to take the plunge. 

I ordered an item from the sale (because I’m still strapped for cash) and paid £14. This means I was effectively paid £4 for this post. To write, edit, review and photograph this post, it probably took me 3-4 hours. So I was ‘paid’ £1 an hour. I just want to say, I don’t run my blog for profit. If profit is available, it’s always a plus, but this isn’t my main focus. But, in this case, I paid £10 (£14 take off the £4 discount) to write a post, and spend 4 hours trying to perfect it, just for coverage on their social media, which I didn’t even bloody get!

I just can’t even explain how angry I am. I am not the best blogger, and my photography is questionable, but I don’t think anyone deserves to be deceived and lied to the way this company have to me!

I’m sorry for the negativity on my social media about this. Once I tweeted about my experience, they sent me 4 messages (after ignoring me for 3 days) saying they were going to feature me and had been out of office (which was a complete lie because they’ve tweeted and retweeted other bloggers and they had read my messages, they even bloody liked my tweet but didn’t retweet it!). Honestly, I just feel let down and embarrassed that they’ve ripped me off. 

I would encourage all bloggers to steer clear of this company. As I was new to the world of blogging when they contacted me, I feel like they played on my niavity and used it to their advantage. And I’m not the only one, you can read other blogger’s experiences with this company here:

Be careful!


H X 


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