5 Top Shops For Basics

Helloooo there!

Recently, I had a big wardrobe clear out leaving me space for some new bits and bobs (yay).Whilst I was clearing out my wardrobe, it occurred to me that I don’t really have every day clothes! Because I’ve worn a school uniform for so long, I’ve never really needed basic every day clothes. But, as I’m planning on going to University in September, I really really need some!

So, I’ve been shopping and have found the top 5 cheapest places in the UK to get some basic every day clothes.

5. Depop

Although they’re mainly second hand clothes, Depop does have some lovely pieces! Often they’re listed by people who previously loved them but have no use for them anymore (like me!) but you can still get great quality clothing for a fraction of the original price!

4. Asos Outlet

Asos is one of my favourite shops in the world but it can be very expensive at times! In their Outlet, they often have up to 70% off of clothing and it is updated really regularly, so often the items haven’t gone out of fashion yet!

3. Boohoo

Another one of my faves, boohoo do some classic pieces for small prices as well as prettier items for slightly more in their boutique section. I love boohoo for every day fashion because their items are just so easy to wear and always look great, can’t go wrong!

2. Everything 5 Pounds

Admittedly, this website is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes they have great clothing which looks lovely for only £5 and sometimes they’re horrible. But, if you catch this website at the right time, they may just have some perfect pieces for every day or going out that only cost £5, very much a bargain!

1. Primark

And, of course, one of my favourite shops has to take the crown! Last weekend I managed to go hunting in Primark (and their sale!) and bag myself 19 items for less than £60! That’s so insane because I’ve spent £60 in other shops on just 2 or 3 items! Some of these are just basic stripy tees but some of them are really fashionable, in the moment pieces, and the most I spent on a single item was £6! I even managed to bag myself  few items from the sale that were just £1! It was just crazy! So, if you’re looking for some cute clothing for every day at a very affordable price, Primark is the best place in the UK!

Happy Shopping!

H x


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