It’s All About Yellow!


I feel like THE colour this SS17 is yellow, or it is for me anyway! I’ve never worn yellow before, I don’t think so anyway, but recently I was browsing primark (mens) looking for some stuff for my fiancé when I found a cute, pastel yellow T-Shirt! At only £2, I thought I would try and make it work. I wasn’t sure what I was going to pair it with when I purchased it, but I’ve come up with an outfit that I thought I would share! 

You probably saw this look ALL over my Instagram at the time, but it is my favourite by far! I just love pairing this yellow tee with the stripey trousers. This look is fun, casual and comfortable all in one, but you could even jazz it up with a smart jacket and wear it to work! So versatile, and bang on trend with the trousers this season!

Shop the look:

Top- Primark (in store only) 

Trousers- Peacocks

Shoes- Primark (in store only) 

Bag- Primark (in store only) 

And that’s all from me today! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thanks for reading,

H x

Where Am I Now? A Year In Review

Hello again, and welcome back to my blog!

If you follow me on social media, you may be aware that today is actually the first anniversary of my blog, LifeThroughTSG is one year old! So, to mark the occasion, I thought I would share some of the things that my blog has brought me over the last year!


I am not the type to have massive friendship groups, I can be quite untrusting and I’m just simply not outgoing enough to maintain lots of friendships. However, blogging has brought me more friends than I ever expected, and true friends too, as cheesy as it sounds. I know I have friends through blogging, some of which I’ve never even met in real life, whom I can chat to and tell pretty much anything without being judged, and that’s pretty damn special. 


I have said it so many times but I will say it again, I didn’t start blogging for the opportunities. In fact, blogging has brought me more opportunities than I ever expected! It really has enabled me to do things I would have never even have thought of, and I just love that doing what I love allows me to try so many new things!


Now, this is something I really didn’t expect to come from this. I always thought I was quite confident in my writing, but I knew I was not in so many aspects of my life. However, recently I re-visited a park that I first visited a few months into blogging. The first time I visited, I was shy and completely did not believe in my abilities. I wouldn’t talk to my snapchat camera, I was embarrassed taking photos on my iPhone, I wouldn’t pose, hell, I wouldn’t even take a selfie! Although I loved the images that I got that day at the time, and still do now, my face isn’t in a single one of them! I was shy, and terrified what people who I didn’t even know would think of me! When I re-visited the park, I took photos on my camera boldly. I chatted with the locals, smiled and laughed. I took public outfit photos and laughed WITH people about my silly poses. I danced around, sang, and even updated my Instagram story! I wore heels, yes, to a park, because I wanted to take outfit pictures, and I didn’t even think about what others would think. I was happy, and I felt free. I felt like I could publically do what I love without having to be embarrassed about it.

Blogging has also enabled me to begin a youtube channel, something I could only dream of this time last year!
Blogging has improved my confidence in a way I just couldn’t predict. In fact, it sounds a little dramatic, but it has actually improved so many different areas of my life! It’s improved me, and given me a fresh love for life!
So, I guess what I am saying is that I am so glad that, one year ago today, I opened up this little wordpress account with 0 followers and began to write.
So here’s to one year LifeThroughTSG! Thank you for all you’ve brought and taught me, it’s safe to say that that glass isn’t so tear stained after all.
H x


Today it was 29 degrees. I wore a vest top with trousers. If you read my blog regularly, you may know that I absolutely hate my arms, so this was a big step for me, but I did it anyway because it was so hot. 
I am a 36G bust. I will put that out there now. So, sometimes, even the most modest looking clothes look really provocative on me. I’ve spoken out in the past how hard it is to find clothes to fit my body, but today I felt quite good in a little white vest and tapered trousers, as they fit my body. 

However, today I was made to feel ashamed for my body. After watching a fellow female being harassed by some men in a van earlier today who ‘needed’ to tell her how ‘hot’ she is via a window when she was with her children, making her visibly uncomfortable yet still carrying on, I was already a bit angry. But, I carried on my day, and ending up sat on a bench to eat some lunch with my little brother, close to quite a busy road. 

Sometime after I had been sitting there, I saw a group of around 15 MEN (I’m talking late 30’s to early 50’s). I dread situations like this every time I leave the house, so I quickly put my head down and tried to make myself invisible to them. 

But, of course, they noticed my chest. Although, luckily, they didn’t stop to chat, they did make a few disgusting comments whilst they past, which were very clearly audible to me. Earlier this week I was also pipped at and wolf whistled by a man in a van, much to my discomfort. So I felt the need to write this post, because it’s just not fair. 

This last week, it’s been highs of 30 degrees. That’s pretty damn hot. All around me I see men comfortably walking around without a shirt on, but we cannot do that, we are expected to ‘cover up’ because we are women. When these men walk around without anything on their top, it’s fine. I have never witnessed a female sexualising them for it, they do it because of the heat. 

But, as females, we cannot do that. We are made to feel ridiculed and like we deserve to be sexualised, just because we want to keep cool in the heat. I’m so tired of it. The female I mentioned earlier in this post was wearing a maxi dress, I was wearing full length trousers, we were both, if anything, already wearing TOO MANY clothes for the current climate. But, yet, we were still made to feel dirty and as though we had dressed that way so that men could sexualise us, and it is so wrong. 

I just want to live in a world where women are equal. People say that feminism is pointless in today’s era because women are equal, but we are not in so many different ways. We cannot even leave the house, in June, in 30 degree heat, in a vest that shows off a little bit of cleavage, because we are sexual objects. I cannot even sit on a bench with my little brother, without being reminded of the desire that MIDDLE AGED MEN have for my ‘impressive chest’. 

I feel sick and uncomfortable. And now I just wanna go home and hide for the rest of the day. 

Spring/Summer Favourites 2017!

It feels like so long since I last published a favourites post, in fact, the last one was all the way back in March! So it seemed only right to update you all on what I’ve been loving for the last 3 months, and there is quite a few bits! Spring has really been a season for trying new things for me, so I definitely have some new and exciting products to share with you. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Prints From Dorkface Shop!

I FINALLY got around to ordering some prints from Jemma (DorkFaceBlog), and I am so so so glad I did! She is crazy talented, and the prints are just so gorgeous! I’d recommend her etsy shop to anyone. Her blog is also one of my faves, so you should definitely check that out too!

Too Faced Natural Love Eye Shadow Collection

This was my first ever product from Too Faced, and I was so excited that I did a YouTube video of my first impressions of it! The packaging of this palette is far from perfect, but the shimmer shades are just so beautiful that it can be forgiven!
Melancholy Mind

An anthology of poems about mental health written by my beautiful blogging friend Charlene, Melancholy Mind just had to be included here! It’s a book that I keep going back to when I’m having a down day, and Charlene’s poetry is just so beautiful, yet candid and honest. It’s the perfect read for anyone, struggling with mental health themselves or not.
Primark Swimwear

Now, this is a little bit generalistic, but Primark have been KILLING it with their swimwear lately! If you don’t know my dimensions, I have the chest size of a ladies 18, the waist of a 10, the hips of a 14 and the arms of a 12, so anything all in one can be really confusing to try and buy! I used to pay £50 per swimsuit for a pretty averagely styled swimsuit just so that it would fit me, but not anymore!
I can buy a size 16 (for reference) in Primark swimwear and it just fits! Plus, at only £4 each and perfectly on trend, these swimming costumes couldn’t be any better! And, they’ve definitely helped my bank balance…
M&S Bralette/Bralet

I recently saw a tweet about how Marks & Spencer had begun to sell bralettes without padding or underwiring in bigger sizes, and I just couldn’t contain my excitement, I had to buy 2! At £9.50 each, these are pretty reasonably priced. However, the real brilliance is in the amount of support they give you! With adjustable, strong straps, these bralettes hold me up perfectly and just make me feel oh-so-confident, it’s amazing and I am so glad I found out about these! Plus, they are really pretty and they come in 4 different colours, which isn’t bad for a range which fits and supports my 36G bust!
Collection Soft Glow Blusher

I love my Laura Geller Blush, it holds my heart completely, but it’s just so expensive! So, I’ve been on the hunt for an every day drugstore blush that is pretty but won’t hurt my bank balance so much, and I think I’ve found the one! This blush from Collection is beautifully pigmented, and just looks gorgeous on. It really suits my skin tone well, and I love that it gives me a natural, healthy glow! Weirdly, when I was trying to find this product online to link to this post, I found that it is only in stock in Morrisons, which is a little strange. However, at only £3, this product is a bargain and definitely worth hunting around for!

How I Met Your Mother

When this show was the hype and was shown on E4, I watched it almost religiously! However, I did get tired of the re-runs on E4 so kind of gave up on it a little after it ended. I reconciled my love for it when Netflix added it to their library, as this meant that I could re-watch all of the episodes in order! HIMYM is hands-down my favourite TV show ever, and re-watching it all brought back the same moments of laughter and tears that I experienced the first time! If you haven’t seen it yet, you NEED to watch it!

Boohoo Culottes

I did write a whole separate post about this outfit, but I HAD to include these Culottes in my favourites! They’re bang on trend, affordable, comfortable and you can dress them up or down, what more could you possibly want?!


This is a little bit random, because it’s a colour so nothing specific and not something you can buy from a shop or whatever. But, this season, I just cannot get enough of this colour! If you follow my Instagram, you may have noticed how much I’ve been loving it. It just cheers me up and I think it really brings summer to life! So I’ve been wearing it, photographing it, and just appreciating it!


And that’s all from me!

Thank you for reading, and let me know what you’ve been loving in the comments!

Until next time,

H x

Summer 2017 Wish List!

Hello, hello, hello!

Today I have a wish list post, which I recently realised that I haven’t written in nearly a year! Wish list posts are my favourite to read, so I hope you enjoy reading this one! I’m going to break this down into shops, and this is gonna be fashion based. So, without further-ado, let’s get on with it…


Absolutely killing it this season are my all-time favourite, new look!

Here’s a few items I’m loving:

Grey Suedette Biker Jacket nl 1

This ain’t Paris T-Shirt


Turquoise Sequin Swimsuit Continue reading “Summer 2017 Wish List!”

Being in the fish bowl.


Before I start, I really should say that this isn’t going to be the chirpy, upbeat post that you maybe expect from me.

This is going to be raw, because it’s all about my life lately.

I’ve struggled with anxiety since I was diagnosed at 14, a lot of you know that, I’ve written about it on here many times before.

But, lately it’s gotten a lot worse.

I’ve hit a really rough patch, and it’s the worst time of the year for this to happen because it’s exam season, yay.

I’ve literally been feeling so isolated and so alone. I’ve been feeling like I’m literally trapped inside a fishbowl with no way to get out. Everyone around me seems to be living, but I do not feel like I am whatsoever.

I feel like I am caught on the outside staring at the world. Nothing quite seems right or real.

I feel very lost, and very detached and very alone even though I know there are people I can talk to.

I guess I just don’t know how to snap out of this. I don’t know how to stop feeling this way but I really really wish I did.

Have you ever felt like you’re trapped inside a fish bowl? Being forced to do the same thing day after day, with no escape? With the water clouding your vision? With the world around you just carrying on?

I know I will be okay, I really do. Just, right now, I wish I could be okay already. All of my posts, uni work, everything is suffering because I am, and I don’t know why and I don’t know what it is.

I hope I get back to being myself soon.


H x

Finding Out Who You Really Are

A bit of a deep post today if I’m honest, but this is something that I’ve been thinking about A LOT recently. 

For the last few years, sort of when I got to 16 and beyond, I have really really worried about who I am. That sounds ridiculous, but I always sort of felt like a nothing person in that I didn’t feel like I had a style, or anything special about me. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my future, I struggled to know what I enjoy, and I worried that I never would know these things. 

At 16, I think you’re pressured into making a lot of decisions. I had to decide if I wanted to stay on at school and, if so,  what I wanted to study. Soon after, I had to decide what I wanted to carry on studying. Then UCAS came around and I had to decide on universities and courses. In the middle of all of this, I was maturing personally and struggling to decide a lot of things about me. Now, I’m at university and thinking about my future and it’s just all so overwhelming. I think if you let it, it really can consume you because it’s scary to be told at 16/17/18/19 by adults with 20+ years of experience on you that you NEED to know. 

Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t. I’ve always been a very planned person, and I felt obliged to justify every choice I made. I wanted to study English because I love it, but it’s not deemed the most prestigious of subjects job-wise (more on that in a later post) and I felt like I had to justify this decision. So, I started saying i wanted to become a teacher because it made my life easier to pretend I had a plan. In reality, I really didn’t have a plan at all, but that is OKAY. 

The fact that I didn’t have a plan scared me because I didn’t feel like I knew who I was yet and i had so many people telling me that I should, it’s scary and it’s pressurising. But, I think it’s something we all come to find at different stages of our lives. Now, at 19, I run this blog which I absolutely love and has definitely contributed towards me becoming ‘me’. I know what my style is, I know what clothes suit me, I know what my writing style is. I know what I do and don’t like, and I know what kind of person I want to be in this world. I also know how I want to spend my future and what career pathway I want to take. 

But all of this knowledge is temporary because as we grow, inevitably, it will change but that is OKAY. In a few years time, I might no longer know the answers to any of the things that I know now but that’s fine, because now I have the confidence in myself to know that I will find these answers again. 

So, if you’re feeling under pressure, scared for your future, or feeling like a nothing-person like I was because you don’t know the answers to all of the decisions you’re being asked to make, don’t worry about it. You’ll get there eventually when you are ready, it’s different for everyone but don’t panic. And, when you do know the answers to these questions, don’t panic if you change your mind. As we grow and evolve, change is inevitable and change is a good thing. 

You will find out who you are eventually, but until then, you are not a nothing-person. Don’t compare your growth to someone else’s, they’re different to you and on their own timeline. Everything you learn whilst finding out who you are will eventually add up and become who you are. We need these lessons along the way to learn who we really are. 

I guess the reason I wanted to write this post was just to say that it’s totally okay if you don’t feel like you know who you are yet. We grow at different paces so don’t panic, you’ll get there. 


H x

A Letter To My Fiancé

Dear Z,

You don’t read my blog, so who knows if you’ll actually ever read this? But, in my letter series, many of the letters have been deeply emotional but also, in a way, negative. It didn’t seem right to me to have a letter series without including a letter to you, and I am also hoping that this one may be slightly more positive than the others.

Where to start?

I love you, but you know that. But you taught me how to love. Seriously, even though you were my first love, I thought I knew what love was. But the love that you’ve taught me, honestly, is beyond anything I could have imagined.

I view you as being such a pure person, but I think that’s just because of the purity and light you bring to my life. There’s something so innocently fun about you and, even though I have matured whilst I have been with you, obviously as we’ve been together since we were 13, I’ve also learnt when it’s okay to be immature. And, when it’s okay to let go a little bit and just live.

My brain doesn’t work like yours, you know that. So, before you, I really didn’t know how to be spontaneous. I had to plan the simplest of things down to fine detail and worry about every single outcome involved. To an extent, I still do that now. But you’ve taught me that I don’t always have to, and it’s okay to let loose a little sometimes.

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine anyone in this world being better for me than you. I know how incredibly cheesy that sounds, but, as well as all of the things you’ve taught me about having a relationship, you’ve also taught me so much about myself.

The things we have been through together, already, show me that we can face anything in this world together. I am just so excited to marry you and I wish it were sooner, because I really cannot wait to spend a whole day celebrating our love and our relationship.

You saved me Z, you know that. I mean, I saved me, but your support is really what pulled me through. You know absolutely everything about me and I really feel as though I have given my soul to you.

I’m a romantic, I always have been. But I also have a very good way of knowing when something’s real.

I cannot wait to marry you and to begin the rest of our lives together.


H x

Our Stay At Hotel Novotel Nottingham Derby*

Hello there!

If you follow me on, well, basically any form of social media, you may know that me and Z went to Nottingham this weekend for the bank holiday. Whilst we were there, we stayed at the Novotel* and this review is all about our experience!

The Room

The room was absolutely beautiful and far surpassed my expectations. It was modern and spacious, and we had a really comfortable stay here. Something that really impressed me was how light and airy the room was! The bed was also amazingly comfortable, I didn’t want to leave in the morning!

The bathroom came complete with a bath and a ceiling shower, and if you follow me on twitter you may know how much I love baths, so I was so excited to have a long relaxing soak!

The TV was a smart TV which was a nice bonus and perfect for in the morning when we chilled out until the checkout at 12pm (amazing right?!).

Although the this hotel is situated near a road, we had the window open all night and didn’t have an issue with noise. The air con was also a nice addition and definitely helped us to sleep in the 20 degree heat!

The Location

Located just off of junction 25 of the M1, this hotel is perfectly situated for East Midlands airport. However, it is also just a short drive away from Nottingham city centre. For reference, this took around 15 minutes and cost us £13 in an uber. I liked how it’s situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city because this really helped the atmosphere to be so relaxing!

The Atmosphere

The staff were lovely and nothing was too much for them. They were welcoming and accommodating and everything you’d wish for from hotel staff. The atmosphere of the hotel was overall quite relaxed. Me and my fiancé chose to go out for the evening but, when we returned, I noted how busy the bar was, yet it still had such a relaxed vibe. Perfect for a quiet night away.

The Bar/Restaurant

Although we didn’t use the bar ourselves, it really had a lovely chilled vibe. They also had a TV here which the other guests were enjoying late into the evening!


We chose to eat out the night of our stay, as we were already out in Nottingham city centre anyway. The menu looked great though, and there was plenty on there that we fancied!

We did order breakfast in bed to be delivered by room service in the morning. We filled out a little form and hung it on our door, which ensured that the kitchen knew what we wanted and at what time. I’ll be honest, this was a little expensive in price, but you could add as much as you wanted to the breakfast, so you could definitely get the value for your money! It also felt so luxurious to have breakfast in bed and definitely added to the relaxing atmosphere. The food was also am-a-ziiiiiiiiing. I’ve never tasted a croissant so buttery!


  • Wi-Fi (which was actually really really good!)
  • Free parking
  • Accessible
  • Pet-friendly
  • Business centre
  • Restaurant

Overall Rating

5/5. For a little relaxing break away, this hotel is perfect! The only thing that could have improved this stay for me was the dining prices being a little lower, but after tasting the food I would definitely say it is worth it! The stay was definitely relaxed and luxurious and I would 100% recommend to anyone! I’ll definitely be back, thank you to the staff at Novotel for making this stay so perfect!

Thank you for reading, and thank you to Lee and all of the staff at Novotel for kindly allowing us to have this experience!

I also vlogged the trip, which you can watch HERE!


H x

*This stay was kindly gifted to us in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own, and this review is entirely honest about my experience. For more information, you can read my Disclaimer HERE.

4 Quick and Easy Summer Cocktails!

Hello there!

This is a blog post I have wanted to write for so so so long, but I knew I needed to try out a few recipes first! However, I’m FINALLY bringing you some quick and easy cocktails using ingredients you probably have lying around (or can grab from a quick trip to Asda). Without further ado, here’s 4 cocktails that (I think) I have made up, but I love!

Please do not attempt to recreate these cocktails if you are under the age of 18 as they contain alcohol. 

I made all of these cocktails in a measuring jug as that made the measurements quick and easy! They make 2 good sized drinks 🍹. 

  • Pink Lemonade Bellini

2-3 handfuls of ice

3 shots peach schnapps

4 shots prosecco

Fill up to 600ml with pomegranate and elderflower sparkling presse (I used bottle green!) 

  • Mermaid Blue Lagoon

2-3 handfuls of ice

2 shots bols blue curaçao 

2 shots coconut rum

Fill up to 700ml with lemonade

  • Tropical Sunset

2-3 handfuls ice

3 shots prosecco

1 shot peach schnapps 

1 shot coconut rum

Fill up to 700ml with lemonade

  • Black Forrest 

2-3 handfuls of ice

200 ml pomegranate and elderflower sparkling presse (I used bottle green!) 

3 shots wkd

1 shot bols blue curaçao 

2 shots vodka 

Fill up to 700ml with lemonade

200 ml apple and blackberry juice

So there we have it, my first ever cocktail post! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and let me know in the comments if you recreate any of them!