Why I’m Proud To Be A Small Blogger

Hello!! This is a post I’m a little scared to write if I’m honest, but it’s also a post full of things that I have just got to get off of my chest. 

I. Am. Proud. To. Be. A. Small. Blogger. 

All too often in the blogosphere, smaller bloggers are regarded pretty harshly! Some people have been in the game for such a long time, and sometimes smaller, newer bloggers make mistakes. The bigger, older bloggers (excuse the adjectives) tend to quickly jump on the mistakes of the newer ones and turn it into a ‘drama’. This is in no way saying that they all do, because they don’t. Some of the bloggers with larger followings are the loveliest people you could ever hope to meet, but there is also a few cliques of bloggers with a pretty large audience who can be preeeeetty nasty.

For example, I’m new. I’ve had this blog for less than a year. When I started, I didn’t know what a follow link was. I thought using bots was the only way to grow an Instagram following. And I sure as hell didn’t know how to create a ‘media kit’. To be a blogger, I thought you simply needed passion and a computer. Ultimately, you do, that’s what blogging is. But I joined a community that already had a list of rules, rules I had to learn the hard way. 

Don’t send autodms on twitter, you’ll be ridiculed! Found this out the hard way. 

Don’t include do follow links in a post! Found this out the hard way. 

And don’t you dare challenge someone with a large following, their ‘friends’ and ‘fans’ will attack you! Found this out the hard way. 

I did not join this community to follow rules. And I sure as hell did not join this community to be ridiculed, humiliated and made to feel small by people who feel they can because they’ve got a 10,000+ following online. 

All too often, smaller bloggers are referred to as ‘micro influencers’. But, all too often, I trust the opinions on products of my friends who are smaller bloggers over those who ‘call out’ others and are mean to them online, wouldn’t you? 

I’m proud to be a smaller blogger because I don’t have ‘fans’ or even ‘followers’, I have friends and that’s something I wouldn’t give up for anything in the world. So, I’m sorry if my newness and the size of my audience makes you think that you can alienate me for my mistakes, but it does not. And I won’t be taking it anymore. 

Thanks for reading!


Again, I just wanted to say that I in no way whatsoever am applying this to all bloggers with a large following. I love and adore so many bloggers with larger followings, but, unfortunately, a few have really upset me recently and this is who this post is aimed at. I will not name and shame, because that would make me just as bad as them, but I wanted to speak up so that other smaller bloggers do not think they have to just accept the nastiness just because that person has a larger following. Being mean is never okay. Spread kindness around like confetti, always. 

Spring Bucket List

I loved creating my Winter Bucket List so much that I’ve decided to do another one for Spring! So this post is basically a list of all of the things I want to do this spring…

  • Go on more walks
  • Drink more water
  • Create another look book
  • Go on a small getaway (we’ve actually already booked centre parcs and I’m excited)
  • Spend more time with my family (whilst I’m off uni for Easter)
  • Create another photo diary
  • Read more for pleasure
  • Start making diffused water again!
  • Start a YouTube Channel (???)
  • Buy a blogging camera!
  • Do more things with Z that cost less money
  • Listen to music more often
  • Study hard for my summer exams
  • Try to be more eco-friendly
  • Produce better blog content, although I always strive to achieve this!
  • Have fun more and worry less
  • Do a shift at work that I know is going to be hard, instead of putting it off.

And that’s all for this spring!

Thanks for reading! 


H x

Hobbit Hut Experience!

Hello there!

If you follow me on twitter/Instagram, you may know that, recently, me and Z spent a few nights away in a hobbit hut. This was his Christmas present from me that I bought through BuyAGift.com and we decided to go whilst we both had time off over Easter, even though this incurred a £10 extra charge because it is classed as a peak period.

This is a style of ‘glamping’ meaning it’s just like camping, but a bit more glamorous as you sleep in a hut with more facilities.

Ok, so I’m going to split this review into a few different headings because I want to make sure I cover absolutely everything! 

The Hobbit Hut

If I’m honest, I didn’t really know what to expect. From the pictures on the website, the hobbit huts looked cute but it was more of a novelty thing with it being called a hobbit hut, I wasn’t really expecting much from them at all. However, the website does not do these justice! The hut was absolutely adorable and so homely, me and Z absolutely loved it! We even joked that we could live there if they got electricity! 

It was a little cold in the mornings and late at night, but the hot water bottles that were provided sorted that out! The futon sofa/bed wasn’t the most comfortable, but it was fine for 2 nights and a lot more comfortable than the floor. There was also plenty of light coming in from all of the windows, and when it got dark outside a little strip of lights that stretched the ceiling provided a lovely atmosphere! We chose to eat out most nights, but we did use the stoves provided for making soup and for boiling the kettle for our hot water bottles and they were perfectly fine. The couple who own the land are also so so so lovely! When we first got there, they chatted to us about the local area and things to do etc and they were always on hand if we needed anything; they even offered to charge my phone! 

Experience and atmosphere wise, I couldn’t have asked for more from the actual hut. It was perfect and we really enjoyed our stay!

The Bathroom
This is where I was really pleasantly surprised! I expected the bathrooms here to be a standard, shared block of toilets and showers, just like every other campsite I’ve ever stayed on. However, here you actually get your own little bathroom! One per hut, the bathroom included the toilet and shower and was really spacious. The shower was surprisingly lovely and definitely refreshed me after a day of walking!

The Surrounding Area

I’ll be honest, we did struggle to find the place at first, but that’s because we are millennials and chose to trust the sat nav over the instructions that the owners had provided. However, once we knew where to go it was really easy to find. 

The campsite itself is situated in a lovely woodland which has been customised by the owners, adding little stair ways etc for ease of access. 

There is also lovely land around the campsite. We walked around in the evening of our second night and we really wished we had more energy to explore! There’s a viaduct nearby which is absolutely beautiful and a lovely stream which we got some pictures of!


We absolutely loved our stay in our hobbit hut! It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience, but we would 100% do it again. I’d recommend to absolutely anyone, we couldn’t have asked for a better time away and we both left feeling refreshed and cleansed, a feeling money really can’t buy!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know in the comments if you’ve ever done something similar or would consider doing something like this, in really interested to hear!


H x 

Cornwall Photo Diary

If you follow me on Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter you probably know that earlier this week me and Z took a little trip to Cornwall! We stayed in a hobbit hut, which I will be reviewing on here really soon, but we also took some pictures that I just love too much to not share! So, I thought I’d document them all here like a little diary! 

We found a little cove and spent a lovely day there! 

The Eden Project

Charlestown Harbour


And that’s all from me today!

Thank you for reading if you made it this far!


H x

5 Controversial Likes I Have

Hello! After the, sort of, success of my post where I spoke of the 5 controversial dislikes I have (which you can read HERE), I decided to do the same but for things that I do like that others possibly don’t! So, without further-a-do, let’s begin the list!

1. Twilight

Okay, so even though I said in a recent post that I have a few issues with Bella Swan, this series is what really began my love of literature, no matter how badly written it is. This is probably the reason I am doing the degree I am now so I just struggle to hate it!

2. Makeup Revolution

They’ve taken a real beating from the beauty blogging world recently for duping some of the bigger brands, but I actually love that they make similar products much more affordable and accessible for everyone. I fail to see how it’s any different from Primark imitating Chanel.

3. Suicide Squad

This got awful reviews but I absolutely loved it, and I definitely wasn’t expecting to! I’m not a huge fan of superhero films but Z is so we went to watch it and I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

4. The Kardashians

There, I said it. There’s just something about reality TV that is really appealing to me and the Kardashians are definitely my favourite reality show to watch, aside from TOWIE of course!

5. 50 Shades Of Grey

I’m a little scared about admitting this one, the haters are brutal when it comes to slating these books/films. I enjoy the storyline and the uniqueness of these books/films, you can’t say they didn’t start a trend and provide many women with the ability to explore their sexuality a little more, despite what your views are on anything else about them.

And that’s all for today! I’d love to know your controversial likes/dislikes in the comments, or maybe you could even do your own post!

Thanks for reading!


H x

A Letter To My Bullies

Dear the people who bullied me,

I bet you’re surprised to be hearing from me right? I’m surprised that I’m writing to you to be honest, but there’s so much that I need to say that I will never get the opportunity to.

The first thing, and maybe the most surprising, is that I don’t hate you. We will never be friends, and I can never forgive you for what you put me through, but I don’t hate you. You were only 13 yourselves and you had so much to learn about the world, I hope you have learnt how to treat people and how to respect others.

I also don’t 100% blame you. Granted, you made a large portion of my life a living hell, but I was an easy target. Once I got with Z I distanced myself from my friends which caused an argument which started the bullying. The argument definitely was not your fault, I was going through the divorce of my parents, the discovery of my anxiety disorder and many other personal issues that I don’t want to share and I distanced myself because I just couldn’t deal with the dramas and fallouts that having 13 year old friends inevitably comes with. That was my fault, and I accept that.

But that doesn’t make what you did to me okay. As well as ruining my confidence and worsening my anxiety disorder, you made me question myself and my own sanity and that isn’t okay. You knew the things that you were doing to me, but instead of admitting to them and accepting your punishment, you chose to deny them again and again and make me look ridiculous. I became paranoid. Any little thing that you said/tweeted that could remotely be about me became the most hurtful thing that anyone had ever said to me. Granted you were clever and never made it obvious, but this was what hurt the most.

For your sake, I hope you never have to go through what you subjected me to. I would not wish that upon anyone. Questioning your own mind, the only place where you are truly alone in this world, is the most terrifying thing I have ever had to experience. I also hope you never have to watch your own children go through something similar to this, but if you do, think of how you treated me please, and remind yourself that these bullies are just the same as you were when you were younger, it may help you deal with the problem.

 I wish you’d have given me some physical evidence that I could report. But, like I said, you were cleverly cunning and never got caught. Your denial still messes with me now though, the emotional abuse has scarred me.

But, all said and done, I wrote this post to thank you. Without the abuse and hurt you subjected me to, I sure as hell would not be where I am today. Winning the battle with you and coming out of the other side showed me that I really can face anything, and I am so much stronger for it. My self confidence is stronger than ever because I had to claw for it back, and I know now that a few mean comments are not the end of the world because, realistically, there will be a day when they don’t affect me anymore. When I used to see your names or see you in the street I would feel anger, hate and upset, but now I feel nothing and that shows me that I’ve won.

So thank you for every night I spent crying myself to sleep, thank you for every anxiety attack, for every mean comment, for every threat, for every tweet, for every sly look, for every little ounce of hurt, because all of those things made me who I am now and showed me I could deal with anything that life throws at me, and I love myself more than ever.

Ultimately, your torment only ever made me work harder and learn to fight for every single thing that I want in life. You taught me life lessons that could not be faked, and I am ever grateful that I was able to learn them at such a young age.

I wish you the best for the future and I hope you have nice lives. I know you’re not bad people, it was a bad thing to do but that doesn’t make you an all-bad person.


H x

DrugRehab.com have provided a guide to the effects of bullying, including how this can possibly lead to drug use. Although this did not happen to me, I think this is a very serious issue which should be discussed, hence its inclusion here. If you would like to read DrugRehab.com’s guide, you can do so HERE. 

Wikaniko’s Moringa Oil- A Miracle Product?

Hello! Today we’re going back to my roots, with a product review! This particular product is from Wikaniko which you can visit HERE.

Okay, so I was kindly sent this product by Wikaniko in exchange for this review, but all opinions are my own and are my honest opinion. For more information, you can see my post entitled ‘disclaimer’. 

Before I received this product, I knew absolutely nothing about moringa oil. However, upon doing some research, I’ve found that it’s an ingredient often used in skincare such as face creams due to it’s properties which mean it helps to heal and fade fine lines and scars. 

Although a truly magical sounding product, it is often only used in small quantities in these skincare products. However, at Wikaniko’s, you can buy 100% pure moringa oil which has been grown organically! 

I decided to trial this product for a week in an attempt to fade my arm stretch marks, which really ruin my confidence and get me down. This was my arm before I began using the product:

In terms of applying the product, the application process is really simple. I simply popped a few squirts of the oil onto my hand and massaged it into the needed area. The smell isn’t the most pleasant, I’ll be honest, but it isn’t too bad and it’s a very earthy and organic scent, so nothing that I wasn’t expecting!

After a week, my arms were definitely a lot more moisturised! I didn’t expect it at all, but my stretch marks had definitely reduced in redness and were becoming a lot less noticeable. Here is the after picture:

All in all, this product definitely worked for me! My stretch marks are pretty deep and, so, I wasn’t expecting too much of a change as I have tried many products over the years and nothing has managed to rid of them yet. However, this product has made them a lot less noticeable and I will definitely be ordering this again!

You can visit Wikaniko’s website HERE. 

Thank you for reading!


Both images used in this post are unedited. 

5 Of My Controversial Dislikes

Hello there! 

I thought this post would be quite fun to be honest. In this world, there’s a lot of expectations of what you should and shouldn’t like and it bugs me, like a lot. There’s so many times when I wish I could just tweet things but twitter often leads to petty arguments rather than actual discussions so I thought I’d open the floor here on 5 things that I dislike but am scared of saying I dislike on twitter because they’re controversial. Ok, let’s go..

1. Emma Watson

Shock horror. I don’t hate Emma Watson, I’m not sure I even really dislike her, I just don’t get her. People like to pioneer her as a feminist but I’m just not so sure. She just seems a little transparent to me, and I’m not too sure why!

2. Cream Eggs

I’m sorry, I just really don’t like them. They’re difficult to eat and unnecessarily messy as well as being sickly and packed with sugar. Just not my favourite thing about Easter unfortunately!

3. Orange Is The New Black

There, I said it. I gave this show two entire seasons to get better and, it just didn’t. Personal taste I’m afraid!

 4. Taylor Swift

Again, I just don’t get it. She’s not my favourite egg. I don’t mind her music, some of her songs I actually like, but I’m just unsure about her…

5. Avocado

I know it’s a ‘good fat’ and it looks good on toast with a poached egg for an insta pic, but other than that I just don’t see the appeal. Sorry!

So there we go! I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you did and I may even do a ‘list of controversial things that I do like’ as that could be pretty interesting too!


H x 

A Letter To Spring

Dear Spring,

We are 9 days in now and I’m so glad you’re finally here. I usually love winter, but this winter brought a lot of sadness for me, so I’m glad it’s finally over. 

Spring, you’re the season of new things. The season of new life, growth and beginnings. I hope that you bring sunshine and warmth to all, something that’s been missing now for a while. 

Spring, I think I need a new beginning. I think I need the newness and freshness of your season. So I’m excited to see what you hold. 

Spring, please bring light and happiness to all who I know and love. Please stop the darkness of winter. Please be a much more positive season than the last. 

I’m counting on you spring. And I’m rooting for you. 

Please help me be happy again. 


H x

What My Anxiety Attacks Feel Like

I’ve seen a few of these posts and I always find them so interesting because anxiety attacks are so different and personal for everyone. So, I’m having an anxiety attack right now, and a pretty bad one. I’ve decided to blog it because I want to share with people who have similar symptoms and hopefully help them. I’ll be honest, I have no idea if this post will end up going live. I write these quite a lot and they often don’t get published, but if you’re reading this then I guess this one did. 

Before I start, I just wanted to say please get help if you feel the way I do. Talk to someone, speak out, find something that makes you feel better. For me, writing this makes me feel better. 

Ok, so my first symptom of an anxiety attack is almost always chest pain in the left side. This is detrimental because it makes me panic, but that’s usually how they begin. 

Soon after, I’ll begin to feel sick and dizzy. I’ll have to ground myself and begin taking deep breaths. The room will spin and I usually try and get away at this point. If I’m in a public place, I will leave and find a safe place where I can be alone. 

Next the cramps start. These start in the left side of my face and soon spread down the left side of my body until I have them in my face, hand, chest, arm, stomach, leg and foot. The other symptoms haven’t subsided yet, and it’s now very clear to me what’s happening. 

Sometimes that’s as far as it gets. I can calm myself down and I’ll be ok again. However, sometimes it gets worse. 

If it gets worse, I will start hyperventilating, crying and shaking. This part can last up until 20 minutes, so not too long, but the other symptoms above can last all day, sometimes even a few days. 

The worst part is that I know I’ll be ok. Deep down, I know it’s just an anxiety attack. But it terrifies me so much. And, if I’m in a public place, I feel embarrassed. I feel like people won’t understand and will think I’m being dramatic. 

If you feel like this or share any of my symptoms, I would love to know. From what I can tell, my cramping symptom is rather rare but other people definitely experience it. All of my other symptoms are pretty common, but like I said everyone is different and every anxiety attack is different. 

Stay strong lovelies,